8 Reasons Why You Never Succeeded In Losing Weight!


Hello there,

So I hear that you are trying too hard to lose weight, and you read each and every article on weight loss, diet plans and workouts, you can lay your hands on!

Well, that seems quite exciting!

But my question is, are you achieving your targets? Are you losing weight, the way you want to?

If your answer is Yes, stop reading here and carry on with your fabulous weight loss strategies!

If your answer is NO, read on to know the serious mistakes you are committing, which are making your pounds stay, despite the mental and physical grilling you are putting yourself through!

Here are 8 serious reasons that tell you why you haven’t succeeded in losing weight despite all the info and knowledge you gathered on the subject:

  1. You Are Not Getting Up Early

Any kind of good work must start at the best time of the day. And the best time is of course the early morning. You have to give yourself that early morning hour, for a morning glass of lime and honey, for that yoga session that goes missing owing to your hectic day schedule, for that early breakfast allowing you to have 6 complete meals in a day.

  1. You Are Not Controlling The Portions

You are eating the right food, but eating too much of it! If you eat 5 bowls of fruits, thinking that it’s just fruit, what harm can it cause – sorry darling, you are mistaken, any food eaten in more than required quantities adds on as carbohydrates, extra sugar and fats to the body! So, watch your portions, no matter what you are eating.

  1. You Are Not Eating The Right Nutrients In The Right Proportion

As much you need proteins and fibre to give energy to your body and to cut down on the fat, you need to consume unsaturated and useful fats too. The fats stored in fruits and nuts such as walnuts and avocados are very important for the body and accelerate the process of weight reduction by boosting the metabolism too. They also provide ample energy to the body for daily routines and workouts. Find out some healthy fats for self.

  1. You Are Not Balancing Workout With A Diet

You will never lose weight if you are ONLY DIETING or ONLY WORKING OUT. A balanced combination of both will work in great tandem to bring you the desired results. Reducing the intake and increasing the physical output of the body is what you need to achieve to get down to a good body shape. 30-45 minutes of every day workout and 6 balanced meals in a day is what you need. Maintain the chart.

  1. You Are Not Allowing Yourself A Cheat Day

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Agreed, that you have goals and you need to get there asap. But, it is a fact that the more you keep your body unhappy, the more it rebels to your commands! Therefore, after a week of fad diets or following strict food charts, allow yourself one cheat day, when you can pamper your tongue and your body with whatever they crave for. A happy and content body will comply to your demands more effectively, than you can think of.

  1. You Are Not Hydrating Yourself Appropriately

In order to shed off extra kilos, the body needs a good support system that the internal organs can provide. And any system works properly only if it is flushed, cleansed, and rinsed thoroughly. For this you HAVE TO DRINK AT LEAST 8 GLASSES OF WATER every day! Adequate water intake boosts up all the body systems, removes the toxins from the body, making weight loss faster. The plus is, you feel full after you drink water, hence you tend to eat less or just the appropriate quantity.

  1. You Are Too Fixated With The Idea of Weight Loss

If you have put yourself on a lone pedestal, and keep screaming WEIGHT LOSS in your own ears, each and every moment, then you are most certainly pushing yourself away from your goals. The more you run after it, the more it seems a distant dream. Take it easy! Let it be a thing of regular course. Try to follow healthy food habits that can stay with you for life, whether or not you are on a weight loss program. This way, you will be making a healthy lifestyle and eating a usual thing for self, and not just for a few days of over-obsession. Hence, the results wil follow easily.

  1. You Are Not Meditating

Trust me when I say this, MEDITATION is the best catalyst to any weight loss regimen. When we meditate, we bring our mind, body and soul in one common place of rest. This unison facilitates a clear perspective of what we want to achieve, while laying down the well thought of plans and course of action. This complete rest of the few minutes that we provide to our entire being, is the best reward to self that works favourably in the positive direction and can bring about any results to you.

So girls, here is the list of wrong doings that prevent you from losing weight, even after a lot of hard-work.

Which one  is yours?

Want to correct?

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