7 Comebacks For Someone Who Bullies You For Wearing Glasses

People who wear glasses are always stuck in the insecurity complex of looking uglier than others or possessing lesser physical potential than others. Then there are people who add to their woes by constantly making fun at their expense, calling them ‘chashmish’, specasaurus and what not. Also, girls who wear glasses are completely seen through by hot guys as they don’t fit in the premeditated definition of beautiful. While this is heartbreaking to no end, here are comebacks for those who bully you:

Glasses are cool:

Glasses are cool because it made Harry Potter famous. Besides, I can see things more deeply than your bare eyes.

I see cute guys:

Because my glasses serve as telescope too, I see cute guys walking in before your bare eyes could ever see.

I have four eyes:

Lord Shiva has third eye of wisdom, but he has blessed me with four eyes. Ain’t nobody got swag like me!

Beware, I am gonna get a laser eye surgery:

So you think I am ugly? I will get a laser eye surgery done which will empower me to burn jerks by releasing high-intensity laser lights from my eyes. Wait for it, buoy!

Glasses are fashionable:

Clear glasses are back in fashion and mine is fashionable too AF! You seem to lack knowledge about fashion in Earth, where are you coming from, Mars?

I am cute as Anne Hathaway:

Did you see Anne Hathaway wearing glasses, she is the most cute thing under the Sun so am I. oh did I say, you are a doucheknuckle?


Stop your irrational crap or face my Nerdrage!

I dream better:

Having four eyes help you dream better, so you see I see four dreams during the night and I see myself in each hatching the cruellest of plans to murder you. You are in a serious soup dude!

This is how you can shut them up, once and for all!





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