These Are The Types of Girls You Meet At The Restaurants

Types of girls at the restaurant

Types of girls at the restaurant – It is really entertaining to observe people, antics of some can seem galactically uproarious to you.

When it is a long wait for the food, our eyes wander around other tables and there are different types of people that we see, some are solo eaters, some on their blind date and unimpressed by the one sitting across seeking an escapade, some are hurling abuses at the waiters because they are paying for the food and many more.

The most funny ones among them are those girls, I think who are on a mock diet and order bizarre salads. However, they are not the only ones that tickle your funny bone, here are the types of girls at the restaurant that really make you LOL.

Types of girls at the restaurant –

The weight watcher:

There are the dieters who are on a lifetime diet and will make faces at sugary milkshakes, mojitos and behave like someone rubbed soap in their eyes at the sight of Egg Benedicts. They will let out an impression why did they come to the restaurant in the first place? ‘Dieting pe hai toh kyun khati bhav’?

The tissue-paper hunter:

Then there will be girls who will always be fussy about the tissue papers and exhaust as many as they can because, why not? they will even shout at the peak of their lungs if there are tissue papers missing in their table. What’s the deal with tissue papers? *rolls eyes inquisitively*

The please call the manager kind:

They are deft at making mountains out of molehills. If there is a tiny strand of hair found in their food or the dish wasn’t clean or there is less butter on the Naan, they will track the manager down and threaten to sue the whole staff. Well, girl if they levied tax on threatening, you would go bankrupt.

The smartphone ninja:

Then there will be the one who would refuse to lift her face from her smartphone and keep the waiter standing for the order. She will be too busy checking her Insta feed rather than ordering her food. We live for social media, hence proved.

The Instagrammer:

This species is multiplying by the day amid the spurt in Instagram influencers and whenever they find an deluxe décor that can be a good backdrop, they will pose and as their friend to take pictures. If you are on a eating spree with them, you will have to wait until the food turns cold and bland because they will be taking pictures until the perfect shot for their Instagram story.

The SUSI eater:

Woman, it is Sushi in the first place and what did you call virjin mojito again? the ‘j’ is silent! silent! for god’s sake.

These are the types of girls at the restaurant – There kinds are really funny and they are real comic reliefs per se.

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