Reddit Users Reveal The Incident That Made Them Go “Wow, I’m An Idiot” And It Is So Relatable!

Wow, I’m An Idiot

–  Incident That Made Them Go Wow, I’m an idiot

We all must’ve done something stupid in our life that later made us feel like Wow, I’m such an idiot, agree? Frankly, I’ve done the idiotic thing not just 1 or 2 times, but countless times. And I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one.

Recently, the Reddit users were asked about an incident that made ‘em go Wow, I’m an idiot …and their responses are so damn relatable that you’ll feel good and also have laughing tears. Trust Me!!

So, get ready to reminisce your idiotic moment with these hilarious responses.

  • I was driving and saw something in my peripheral that scared the hell out of me and it caused my heart to race. Only seconds later I realised, it was my reflection in my car door window”
  • I picked up a little framed picture at my friend’s house. It was a picture of our group of friends at a Christmas party a couple of years ago. I stared at the photograph for like 30 seconds. I smiled and thought how much fun we had that night, and how much I loved the people in that picture. A blissful moment captured and frozen in time. That little frame gave me so much joy that my dumb ass-thumb swiped it, in the hope of seeing another picture.
  • “Searching for my phone with my phone’s flashlight on.”
  • I lost my sun glasses on the top of my head 
  • A few days ago, I was opening a frozen meal to microwave it. Instead of throwing away the box that the meal came in…I threw away the meal.
  • “The other day I saw a girl walk out of an ice cream parlour holding her phone and an ice cream cone. I then had the joy of watching her lick the screen of her phone, and glance around to see if anyone noticed”
  • I was boiling some vegetables. I went to the sink to strain the water from one of the pots. However, I just used the lid {holding it there on an angle while pouring the water out} It clearly didn’t occur to be that that method would not work for peas. And thus, a lot of peas were sacrificed that day.
  • “Internet wasn’t working. Tried to Google my problem.” LOL
  • I once walked into a mirror {Face palm!}
  • Took a nap at 6:00 and woke up at 8:30 thinking it was the morning of the next day. Got up, took a shower, got dressed and made breakfast. My mom walks in and I am just confused and then I realised: it was not tomorrow today but it was today yesterday.
  • Upon finding my dad’s phone (which was missing for like 3 days) I immediately texted him its location.
  • I was talking to my brother on the phone as I was leaving for work one day. I had my cell phone up to my ear. I was at my front door and doing the whole Cellphone, wallet, keys check, but I couldn’t find my phone in the pocket. I said to my brother “hey hang on a second I can’t find my phone.” I stood there looking at my phone in my hand for like 10 seconds, starring at my phone thinking “where the fuck is my phone?!” I’m an idiot.

 These were the incident that made them go Wow, I’m an idiot. Do you have anything to add?

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