Things You Will Relate To If You Are Truly Unromantic


Being unromantic – Being in love is the most ecstatic feeling ever, you feel like your feet are in ground but you are flying.

People have unrealistic standards set in their minds about love and when the get their true north, they can’t help but shower them with all kinds of affection, gifts and would never shy away from wearing them as the badge of pride. That is how love changes you as an individual. If you are romantically attached to someone, you will see things with rose tinted glasses and the world will be a more beautiful place to live for you. Your lover’s happiness will be your prime concern than your own.

There are some clichéd ways lovers express their heartfelt adulation for each other like cuddling, doing public display of affection, calling each other by distinctively sweet names, turning crimson at the merest mention of each other, seeing dreams about the future jointly, making joint accounts in the bank and many more which really seem gooey to the ..well unromantic lots.

If you have no shred of doubt that come what may, you will never bee coochie-cooing in the public, you will completely relate to the below pointers:

You will call her ‘Motu’ instead of ‘Sweetu’:

We are not saying that your heart doesn’t thump at her presence of she doesn’t tug at your heartstrings with her beauty or sex appeal. But the problem with you is, you suck at showing your emotions however hard you try. You like to pull her leg instead of showering praise on her and that is your way of showing your love no matter if you appear ‘Neem Chadha Karela’.

You always buy her the same gift:

Although it is a crime and your girlfriend has really a big heart to forgive you for this but you still pass the test until this level. This happens a lot to you because you don’t brainstorm a lot about her likes and dislikes because you tend to take people for granted pretty easily and fairly soon.

You never share your headphone with her:

Come on, what can be more romantic that listening to the favorite music of both of you sharing the same headphone while watching stars, just drawing a visual image of the same makes us go awww. But then, you are an unromantic person and there is nothing much can be expected from you. When you two are on a date, this BYOH for her, Bring Your Own Headphone at that. Meh!

You don’t trust her:

Here you completely fail the boyfriend test. We are sorry. Not trusting her is more than or equal to not being able to trusting your own potential to keep her. So, whenever she talks with another guy, you bug her with questions for his identity and the reason of her talking with him.

Hey there unromantic fellas, don’t be so difficult to date. Watch some romantic movies instead, that would be great help for you.

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