#Modi Speaks To Arnab: 10 Key Moments Where Narendra Modi Silenced Arnab

Arnab let Modi interrupt him, shut him, blame him, praise him and even ridicule him.

Times Now broadcasted its much awaited interview of the year with BJP prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi last night. It was an epic interview and we all should respect Times Now Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami for that. Afterall, he let Modi interrupt him, shut him, blame him, praise him and even ridicule him.

To do such thing where he might lose all that he has, where no one on The NewsHour next time will let him shout and where Sanjay Jha might start to ignore his hankering is indeed a brave act.

There were some moments when Arnab actually asked quite god questions related to policy and development but, like his other misguided main stream media lot, he related some of them with silly ideas and perceptions. This gave Modi an extra space to ridicule him and shut him down.

Overall, the interview was good as Modi spoke quite frankly and did not let Arnab interrupt his thoughts and ideas.

Here are 10 hilarious moments from the ‘serious’ interview which were defining too:


1. Arnab: Should the election have been so bitter, negative and confrontational?

Modi: …It is unfortunate that today a 30 sec piece from a 60 minute speech is played on loop for 24 hours in the media. Which is why, there is a perception that politicians indulge only in such acts. That is not the reality. 


2. Arnab: When Priyanka Gandhi responded to your Amethi rally, she said your comments on Rajiv Gandhi were low-level politics. But you chose to pick up only the words ‘low level’ and you made a duel or a confrontation over caste. Why did you give it a caste spin?

Modi: I am shocked at how Times Now is so insistent on protecting a particular family. Is it not Times Now’s responsibility to show what I have said about Rajiv Gandhi to the world?


3. Arnab: (when repeating question) We question everyone equally…

Modi: Ask questions but all of you ask question for a single purpose six times…


4. Arnab: Could you have been tougher (on supporters’ alleged hate speech)?

Modi: Did it not stop? Should I shout into media everytime I do something?


5. Arnab: (Again) Could you have been tougher?

Modi: Unless you connect everything to Modi your TRPs doesn’t work…


6. Arnab: India is not a one religion country… your manifesto should have included all religions…

Modi: Who said that? Modi never said that… As per Supreme Court judgement, Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life.


7. Arnab: Are you saying all persecuted people who are of Indian origin, irrespective of them being Hindus, Jains, Christians and Muslims can return?

Modi: I don’t resort to vote bank politics. Votes come and go. Governments come and go, but the nation is important. A person living anywhere in this world, whose passport may be of any colour but if his blood is similar to ours, then he is invited.


8. Arnab: Despite the charges against her (Maya Kodani), which were quite serious, you brought her as a Cabinet Minister in 2007. When you look back, Mr. Modi, given her conviction, do you regret it?

Modi: Who has given you this information? At least do your research. I thought Arnab does his research well. For your information, she was not facing any charges at the time. Later, when UPA-2 was formed, political games were at play. An SIT was formed, after which she faced charges.


9. Arnab: After the clean chit you got, you wrote in your blog, and I quote…

Modi: Yes, yes. There is no need to cite me further.


10. Arnab: Let me complete…

Modi: You are an editor. After this you can give an hour long speech…it’s your channel. You can say whatever you want I do not have a problem.

Arnab: Will you change your line after elections (On Maya and Mamata)?

Modi: Don’t waste your time in finding allies. You have already asked me 6 questions related to this. I have explained everything clearly that BJP is winning with a clear majority and we will be forming the strongest and most stable government since Rajiv Gandhi’s government.


And the epic:

Arnab: Why do you have so much animosity…animosity means…

Modi: I know what animosity is.

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