Being In Love Is Better Than Being In The Feeling Of Love? Or Not?


LOVE – a four letter word that actually makes the world function!

It is also the same word that keeps everyone on their toes, gives them goose bumps, butterflies in the stomach, makes them jump with joy, make everyone go crazy and makes life tad more interesting than it is!

With the passage of time, especially in India with liberals allowing and accepting that love is a way of life, everyone has joined the bandwagon of getting into a relationship.

By the time one turns into an adult, they have had at least one relationship to boast of.

And mind you, they are past their serious love affair and have come out mature to face the world, so they say!

Is it a reality though?

Actually, far from it! If you look closely, love is more of a fad these days, just to show off the way one shows off their latest gadget or party scene or dresses etc. The urge to be counted amongst those who have a boyfriend/girlfriend and to be able to boast that one is in love is much stronger than actually feeling the urge to love and be loved!

Now this is not a lecture about morals and ethics and what one should or shouldn’t do, but just trying to decipher what actually goes in today’s generation’s mind when they talk about love. Seriously speaking, most have watched rom-com cinema of Hollywood and it’s desi adaptation, read all of Chetan Bhagat’s candy floss surface level love stories and followed the lovey-dovey posts of couples on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. and now want to emulate all of that in their life as well. Nothing bad in that if one can derive some pleasure by such activities, but it actually doesn’t help in the long term!

The reason why one gets in and out of love within a matter of days and love-marriages are heading for divorce so very often is that one associates the feeling of being in love with actually being in love! It is not easy to differentiate for most people and therefore they become super happy with the fact that they are in love rather than actually digesting the feeling of love, which comes with its own share of pain, longing, adjustments, compromises, sacrifices and what not! All one wants in love-life is to be happy, to be able to party, to spend time together doing fun things and be able to boast about it in their social circle. Love is much more than this and beyond all this!

Another way of looking at it is if someone doesn’t even realize the difference and yet is immensely happy, then no point in bursting the bubble! At least something is making the person happy, even if on a surface level, temporarily given the fact that otherwise life is full of stress and complications. As they say, ignorance is sometimes really bliss!

Well, whether you are in love or with the feeling of being in love, as long as you are happy and not hurting anyone, carry on! However, once in your lifetime, try to find the difference and actually try to live the experience of being really in deep true love. Your life will change and it will become more meaningless!

Till then, just love!

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