Ten Things Punjabi Girls Are Tired Of Hearing!!

Things Punjabi girls are tired of hearing

Things Punjabi girls are tired of hearing – People start posing ‘n’ number of questions soon you tell them you are a Punjabi.

People are so fond of questioning all sorts of stuff that we Punjabis get pissed off at time. Like, seriously we are just like everyone. Hope people get that.

Here are few Things Punjabi girls are tired of hearing.

Things Punjabi girls are tired of hearing – 

  1. Friend: Yaar, why do you just eat so much?

Punjabi Ladki:  O is that really a problem?! Anyways, I suggest you to eat our ‘aloo paratha’.

Seriously, is that some kind of a national problem? Ridiculous.


  1. Friend: Why do you guys speak and laugh so loud?!

Punjabi Ladki:Because, we act less and live like ourselves!!

Or maybe, we are less self-conscious that seems to be more like drama to us.


  1. Friend: So, what are the next plans? Wait, let me guess! Master at Canada nah?

Punjabi Ladki:  Sorry, not Canada at least!!


  1. Friend: Who is your favourite B’wood rapper? Yo Yo Honey Singh, right?

Punjabi Ladki: You seem to be so crazy stuff! Why ask me, when you are good in assuming!! (Bad, actually)

My dear budhu, we are not stuck with ‘Punjabi feels’ like you do are stuck up with.


  1. Friend: Your wedding must be a fun filled affair!! Daru sharu!! Ahh!

Punjabi Ladki:  Oh please, we are not any set of alcoholics. And we dance out of happiness.

Wedding are not celebrated to drink and act weird, ok!!


  1. Friend: Aren’t you bored of paratha?!

Punjabi Ladki: Aren’t you bored of chawal aur daal??

O God!! We relish on other lip smacking food like tandoori chicken, paneer tikka and lot more.


  1. Friend: Are Punjabis chubby because of chicken?!

Punjabi Ladki: DID YOU KNOW – most of Punjabis are VEGITARIANS?!!


  1. Friend: Other than lassi, what is your favourite drink?! I know, there can be nothing else. But still

Punjabi Ladki: Cranberry mojito!! And listen, I don’t have lassi all the time.

Poor thing, I pity. You think you are the only one that knows the world’s tastes. A big LoL!!


  1. Friend: Hey, here is a super cool joke! Santa ne Banta ko bola….

Punjabi Ladki:  My poor friend, I pity you still get stereo typed jokes. Just pity.


  1. Punjabi Ladki: Why don’t you join me at dinner tonight at my place?

Friend:  I don’t like both paratha and sarson da saag!! Hmm

Punjabi Ladki:  Arey, those are just not the foods that we survive on!!

These are the things Punjabi girls are tired of hearing – Really, I think these people are stereo typed because they think in this way. Arrgh, people try out all kinds of nasty questions – once you say ‘You are a Punjabi’. I have no idea, why people see Punjabis as different species totally. And I see such people to be different species in fact. Babaji, bless these crazy ones with life. And finally, dear buddies – I think its time you live and let leave. Stop posing with idiotic set of question please, for god sake.

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