10 Reasons Why Yo Yo Honey Singh Is Not Worthy Of Your Time.


Yo Yo Honey Singh has blown up immensely on the Indian music scene.

Though he fails to appeal to me, I’ll give 10 reasons why you should save your ears the torture.

1. Limited Vocabulary
Now that I have heard his songs, I think we have established that his favorite drink is vodka, He likes sexy women and thinks he is the life of the party. This usually would not make a difference but considering each of his songs follow the same theme I suggest that someone gift Mr. Singh a dictionary.


2. False dreams
When we talk about Grammy’s we talk about sensible songs. Oh! Songs with cars, hot chicks and bhindis do make sense.


3. Wannabe
The only thing about making music videos with Sonakshi Sinha and Amitabh Bachhan is that They Are Still the Stars! Ouch.


4. Objectification Of Women
It is pretty evident that, India has a bit (calling it a bit is an understatement) of a gender problem and featuring half naked women in a pillow fight does not help.


5. The voice
Honey Singh is so versatile he sounds different in every song. But, none of the songs have his original voice. Auto tune much?


6. Senseless
“pyaar mera super star desi kalakaar”
“aaj blue hai pani pani pani din bhi sunny sunny sunny”
And people call him THE Indian Eminem. I wonder what Eminem has to say about it.


7. Jobless
Life is so much more than alcohol and women, someone needs to get a job!


8. Punjabi obsession
Anything in excess is poison. We do enjoy Punjabi but we would like some more of other languages too.(That does not mean lungi dance was good enough)


9. Style
If you are into hip hop, does that mean you should wear so much jewelry and baggy clothes? We have Bappi da for that, don’t we?


10. Money Money.
7 million bucks for one song, say what? And we say India is going through an economic crisis.


PS: Obviously the above stated reasons are personal. We have nothing against Honey Singh and respect his artistry. He obviously has worked for his fame and We respect that.
We love you Yo Yo Honey Singh! ***Just Saying***

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