The Problems of Every Medical Student

There is a song by Bob Dylan, “How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a man?’ I am humming here already. Oh snap! let me cut to the chase, this line holds true with the life of a medical student- “How many years must a student must study, before you call him a doctor?” if you asked your mom, she would give the customary answer, “Beta, ek aur saal padhai karle, bas life set hai”. Sadly, she has been saying this from the 10th grade. But the aspiring medical student, who pumped up all her energy to win the MBBS title one day, ends us lonely and frustrated.

As little children, our favorite pretend play was ‘Doctor-Doctor’ with plastic doctor sets. The castle-builders that we were, wanted to be doctors for real as we grow up! Little did we know that it was not a child’s play. Finally, when some of the romantics made it to the medical college, they felt the brunt and how!

There are five years that they pass in a medical college to finally acquire the MBBS degree. Meanwhile, they have to accept whatever life throws at them, even cleaning poop! Oh wait, even sucking people’s blood with a syringe like vampires too. The struggles don’t seem to end as seniors leave no opportune moment to hurl ‘Gaalis’ at them. Poor fellas!

So, that leads us into the conclusion that to become a doctor, you will have to surrender your life completely. Your wordless admission will always be rewarding. It starts from the mock tests where securing 500 marks looks like a Herculean task itself. Why not? you will be trusted with the lives of your patients, so all that efforts are justified. Even if it turns you into a sadist who drinks alone with Boney (the replica of a human skeleton) who keeps you company in your gloomiest hours. When your other friends are getting married or chilling on the beach, you are doing Bottoms up with Boney. How cool is that, erm..!

Keeping everything aside, the Zaalim society will be bent upon exploiting your MBBS degree, like your younger cousin asking you to sign her sick leave or Padosi ki beti asking you to play a cupid between her and your fellow aspiring surgeon. Seems challenging?!

Now my dear there is no escape route once you have signed up for it. Of course you can’t cut short your course. Even worse, mom will ask you to pursue your post grads once you thought the drudgeries were over. You look at her in a state of total disarray Par abh maa ko kaun samjhaye? 

Watch this video of FilterCopy which summed up a medical student’s life..erm, sob story in 7 minutes.

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