8 Ways To Set Yourself Free From The Friend-Zone Prison!

Friend-Zone Prison

“Friend-Zone Prison”

The popularity of friend-zone is way too much these days and thus it literally scare people. If you’ve ever experienced yourself in the friend-zone area then you’ll truly understand what that scare means.

Frankly I understand the title of “still friends” really-really hurts a lot.

Guys hate it way too much and I think their hate is pretty obvious. No guy really likes when the girl they love tries to put him in the friend-zone trap. I mean seriously, it’s almost like somebody is removing your from their life.

And just to stop that from happening; here are some ways you MUST try to get yourself out from the Friend-Zone Prison.

Note: – Just don’t read it but go ahead and act it.

  1. Have a sweet talk… play a game

Wait! Before you get confused let me explain the game first- It is obvious you both are friends so just try to convince her to play a questioning game like- “What annoys her most about you and stuff”.

Doing so will help you get an idea about where exactly you’re going wrong and what you need to change in yourself.

  1. Play it cool and work hard on yourself

Once you’re done with the game you’ll get an idea about your mistakes. Right? Next step is- try to work hard on what she said and improve it. The best thing that will happen is she will be impressed (Wink!)

  1. Control your emotions and hang out with her

To be frank- Guys act up a lot when they like somebody and that totally ruins up everything. So in this case (at-least) control your emotions and spend time with her watching movies, shopping etc.

Also note whenever she talks about other guys- start talking about girls too.

  1. Stop flirting

If she’s annoyed by your flirtatious avatar then quit acting up that way.

In the urge of impressing her just don’t go on spilling your flirty lines on her because that might just go wrong.

  1. A little jealously never hurts

Don’t keep texting her or calling her and don’t even look out for chances JUST to hang out with her. Don’t you have other friends? You have. Right? So hang out with other girl-friends and kindly notice if your SPECIAL one is getting jealous (Wink!)

If she gets jealous then you are definitely winning.

  1. Act smart

She is your friend so I’ll assume that you know what she likes and dislikes. Based on that just act smartly and bring up things so that she’ll feel comfortable with you.

Making her feel comfortable is the best thing you can ever do to a girl.

  1. Raise your standards

Don’t act like a puppy because that’s not gonna work at all. Act like a Man who knows what he is doing and also if she says something and you don’t agree to it just say NO.

This will make her feel that you’re a MAN who knows what he wants.

  1. Make her miss you

Stop texting her or seeing her and see what happens.

Let her miss you and boy, if she isn’t calling you then accept the reality and… be happy.

Don’t disappoint yourself and try harder until and unless you hit the rock bottom. 🙂

Do you have anything to say about these Friend-Zone Prison tricks? Let us know in a comment below.

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