Stuck In Sticky Notes!

sticky notes

For scribblers, randomly scribbling is an art of expression!Thanks to the invention of sticky notes that made this scribbling go portable all over, across people! Well just so you know, sticky notes were not a planned invention and Dr. Spencer Silver with an attempt to invent a strong adhesive ended up with these amazing sticky notes.

How do I thank thee for such an accident? There are many people who just love creating stories with sticky notes and if you are also obsessed with them you will surely relate to the below points.

1. No sticky notes, no life!

When you discover that you do not have sticky notes you feel as if its end of the world!



2. Shopping for all types of sticky notes.



3. And yes those chequered notes have a special place



4.  Plays an integral part of office stationery



5. Love notes = sticky notes



6. Telling stories wherever you go

Telling Stories


7.  Office soft board comes to life.

Office Soft Board


8. Instant connection 

instant connection

instant connection

Notes are surely one of the awesome accidental inventions especially for people like me, for whom short term memory loss can be a usual problem. Notes are a big boon for adding on to some creativity to the work. Out of the chaos, these notes look like a pretty-mess! So while I go for another sticky note post, hope you enjoyed reading this!


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