Call Yourself Qualified For Bollywood? Check if You Know These 5 Dance Moves

Bollywood dance

The world of Hindi movies is incomplete without the dhinchank songs and mind blowing steps. Let me list some of the dance moves that you must know for a prosperous career in Bollywood.

Please note: These steps should not be done in public and also try at your own risk.

  • Chest thumping step

This is the most important of all the dance moves ever created in the history of Bollywood. Not really sure how it would look on guys but girls have to master this step for a great prospect in the field of Bollywood.

The below step by Madhuri Dixit in the film ‘Beta’ would give you a perfect example of the chest thumping beats.

It is popularly called the ‘dhak dhak’ step.

Dhak Dhak

Dhak Dhak

Choreographer Saroj Khan must have really done a lot of research on how to link the chest movement to the heart beating ‘dhak dhak’. It goes in and out.(No pun intended) This particular dance move won her the Filmfare Award.

  • Thumka


So basically in this step you need to push your hip a bit out every time you step. Like if you are walking you just need to give a slight jerk to your hips sideways as you walk.

Here is a long shot to explain the step better:

Madhuri's Thumka move

Madhuri’s Thumka move

This is the famous song ‘Choli Ke Peeche’ from the movie ‘Khalnayak’. Again the choreographer is Saroj Khan and Madhuri Dixit is her favorite figure of experiment.

Let me explain this step. Basically you walk normally for 3 steps but as you take your fourth step, you let your hip out.

Please note that both chest and hips have to be moved with tremendous jerk effect to create the right impact. Saroj Khan pays some special attention to the jerks.

She won a Filmfare Award for this song too.

  • Langdi dance

This is probably the most innovative step ever created in Hindi movies till date.

Langdi steps

Langdi steps

I won’t even bring the other movies outside Bollywood as such weird moves happen only in Bollywood.

The song ‘Madamiyan’ from the movie ‘Tevar’ is choreographed by Remo.

Shruti Haasan and Arjun Kapoor do this amazing langdi step here. No matter how funny it looks this is definitely not easy.

The entire body has to be balanced and then to build on the chemistry with your partner you can twirl your leg across her leg and try pushing upwards. (I can see the pervert minds making expressions)

  • Dress lifting step:

You need to be extremely careful while performing this step. Take the concerned permission of the lady beforehand or preferably try this one with your partner at home.

Salman in KICK

Salman in KICK

Bollywood is a world of possibilities. Who would have ever thought that teeth also can be an extremely crucial part of the body for a dance move?

Ahmed Khan even won the Filmfare award for the choreography of this song ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ from the movie ‘Kick’.

What a beautiful way of building the chemistry I wonder; why do even couples bother taking Salsa classes and all.

Last but not the least the:

  • Pelvic Swag

It is also called the ‘Dabangg’ step.

Dabangg steps

Dabangg steps

Salman Khan performs this move from the movie ‘Dabangg’. He holds his pants very close to the pelvic part and swags it.

Such steps give a glimpse of Bollywood dance moves. So if you want to make a name in this out of the world film industry, then start mastering these steps right away!

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