Embracing Adulthood – Changes That Transpire In Everyone’s Life

Signs you are becoming an adult -The transition of young individuals into adults is exciting. There are numerous changes that transpire in a person’s life that officially describe them as an adult.

With time, people age. I believe that is no secret.

When that happens, cartoon channels get replaced by news channels; birthdays, chocolates and summer holidays seem to take a back seat, too.

And this change is not instantaneous. You do not wake up one morning and all of a sudden go, “Wow! I feel like an adult.” Things don’t work that way.

“Adulthood” as it is termed as comes to people gradually and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it.

However, there are certain evident changes that transpire in your life that exhibit that you are turning into an adult.

You begin to take the word “responsibility” seriously. Chances are high that you are living separate from your family as a part of the adventure to seek independence. You take care of household chores like paying your electricity and phone bills, shopping for groceries and many more.



You are fine with missing out on certain aspects of life. You do not feel excited about Friday/Saturday nights. You enjoy your occasional night out busts, but you don’t crave for those.



If you like someone and you know that they do not like you back, you tend to accept it. You comprehend to the fact that anyone who does not deserve your attention should not be the centre of your life.



You realise that you were not born for a reason. You do not make it an objective of your life to look up to someone and follow on their path. You accept your life the way it is. Nevertheless, you do not give up on personal goals.



You crave for time to do nothing. Throughout the week, you are so occupied with your priorities that you forget about pampering yourself. This is also when you prefer lying on the couch, watching TV and not doing work stuff from home.



If you see fancy clothes in a local store, you go, “There was a time when I could have pulled that off; not anymore.”



It is in the nature of some people to gossip, even if they are adults. You refrain from participating in their conversations, for you realise there’s nothing to gain from them.



You begin to focus more on your health. You are aware that your family seeks your contribution and ill-health is not going to help in any way.



You also hate teenagers. They are literally everywhere – be it malls, a shopping centre, a restaurant or a movie hall. One of the reasons why you hate them is because they refer to you as “aunty” or “uncle”.



On any given day, you would prefer solitude over socialising. A little bit of alone time can do you a world of good, as you can take care of your personal interests.


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