There Are Bathroom Etiquettes Too! Do You Know Them?


We all need them!

We all use them!

And we all dirty them too!

But how many of us are careful about our toilet manners? How many of us make sure that we leave the toilet as we find it? (The cleaner ones I am talking about here). Do we keep the fact in mind while using them that it will be used by others as well, unless you are on your private island! If you expect a clean bathroom when you enter it, others deserve that too, right?

And hilariously so, some people who are the first to turn up their noses in dirty, smelly toilets are themselves to blame for breaches of good toilet etiquette. Is this because of their ignorance, indifference or upbringing?

Well, here are a few imperative bathroom etiquettes that we all need to practice, if for nothing else, for Modi’s Swatch Bhaarat Abhiyaan, at the least!

Etiquette 1 (Cleaning)

Clean up your own mess. No one likes to clean someone else’s mess. If you are a man, pull the seat up before you use the commode for peeing! And place it down before leaving. If you comb your hair in the toilet, please do not leave hair on the counter or in the basin. Use the waste-bin effectively. Use proper sanitation measures for your hands before you leave toilet. Wash them thoroughly after your business, whatever small or big it maybe, in there.


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