Introvert Problems That an Extrovert Would Resent

Problems of introverts – We introverts like living on our own terms and socialising comes to us as somewhat of a problem.

“What do introverts do when they are left alone? They stay alone.”

The above mentioned quote comes from Jenni Ferrari-Adler, author of the book, Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone.

It describes the introvert population perfectly and this is exactly how we are.

I agree that being an extrovert has its fair share of benefits.

However, we introverts like living on our own terms and socialising comes to us as somewhat of a problem.

Browse the details below to learn more about the problems we introverts face regularly –

Being around too many people is exhausting for us. So, do not mind or think of us as socially unavailable if we disappear for an hour or two. We just need our batteries charged in case we have more socialising to do.

If you know introverts well, you must be familiar with the way we answer or communicate. You may find us giving thoughtful answers, with our expression changing constantly. Often times, we are perceived as being judgemental and our expressions are misinterpreted as ‘bitch face’.

Has your introvert friend always agreed to the proposed idea, no matter how uncomfortable they are with it? This is only because we do not wish to sound like a dick by saying ‘no’ to everything. Even if it gives us anxiety, we secretly like the company.

Getting requests to accompany someone on weekends is the last thing we want. A heavenly weekend to us is spending time alone at home rather than in the companionship of our friends. “How was your weekend?” “Great! Didn’t see anyone for two days.”

Houseguests staying overnight are unwelcome. Having visitors staying with us becomes a nightmare, as we see it as an intrusion to our privacy. Yes. We have our own rooms. No. We do not like people walking in and out our rooms all the time.

Too many social obligations are another pain in the neck for us. Not having alone time makes us grumpy, further leading us to cancelling plans that we would have otherwise liked to embark on.

We are very sure that all introverts hate group projects, every minute of it. Having to meet with several individuals everyday and discussing ideas that ‘may’ reach a conclusion over the next five days is saddening.

We never attend a party alone. Now, our companion to the party may be an introvert or an extrovert. The category does not bother us. The problem is when our ride wants to stay some more time at the party. This is when we begin to feel that no one understands our anguish.

An introvert nature is not a person’s weakness.

We do not see being a textbook introvert as a nuisance.

Coming out of our shell takes time and we do mingle with the others, although in a fairly reserved manner.

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