Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations : An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India

Campaign for Clean India

Campaign for Clean India – Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India

Gandhi set up model living and not floating ideas for his ideals. That’s how he had charismatic influence on Indian masses even today. Hon’ble Prime Minister launched the concept of clean India two years back. Things are changing slowly. This year we have programs called ‘ Sankalp sè sidhi’. Youngisthan is participating in this programme proactively.

Gandhian concept of cleanliness is not something to project that India is dirty or not clean. Gandhian cleanliness was meant to make India free from untouchables. Gandhi had wished for India to be free from scavengers. He decided to clean toilets at Sabarmati ashram himself. His wife and sons resisted yet he decided to set up model to be replicated.

Today’s government wants to make India free from poo in open areas and having villages with hundred percent toilets in every home in every village like the concept of model village to win an award under ‘Adarsh Gram Yojana’ floated earlier.

The concept of An Yearlong Clean India Campaign taken up by Youngisthan aims at setting up Model Space Clean in Regular manner naturally.

India has history of being piously pure.

We have routine of washing floors and mopping daily. We decorate the entrance of our homes with rangoli made of flour and turmeric powder and also colourful wooden powder and flowers. This feeds insects as well as keep them away from sacred space of our home.

Still why do we need An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India….?

We do clean our own space in the best possible manner and forget our social responsibility to keep Clean public spaces as well.

The challenge is to make people realise that as citizens we have sacred duty to keep clean our neighbourhood as well as our village and town.

Simply we are not suppose to clutter the public property with garbage.

The best thing we have in our culture is that we tend to recycle our waste for many centuries. We all remember our elders to keep gift rapping papers under the mattress to re-use. We sell old newspapers and cardboard boxes. We have people coming home to buy our waste material. We got utensils in exchange of old clothes and rags.

Shall we keep alive these best practices as tools to manage waste material in place of making piles to rotten stage to kill lives.

The basic lesson is not to leave our garbage or waste material unattended.

The question is not to Clean but how to meet standards of keeping clean.

The only answer is no more dirt around. That means there’s no one around to clean your garbage. Therefore leave no waste material behind.There’s need to reduce or recycle waste material as well.

Our mission at Youngisthan is Awareness and awakening for hygiene for holistic health.

Our goal on world toilet day on October 1 and Gandhi Jayanti on October 2 is to keep our spaces free from poo.

Our privilege is to be connected with young generations to pronounce and promote our An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India.

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