5 Reasons Why BCCI Needs To Allow WAGs To Accompany Indian Cricketers During The World Cup

If recent reports are anything to go by, wives and girlfriends of Indian cricketers will not be allowed to accompany them during the ICC World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. It is a terrible idea and here are the reasons justifying the same.

If recent reports are anything to go by, wives and girlfriends of Indian cricketers will not be allowed to accompany them during the ICC World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not yet made an official announcement, but the rumour is making the rounds and this cannot be good for anyone in any way.

The topic of WAGs accompanying their respective boyfriends and husbands during major football tournaments has always led to heated arguments among the pundits. If BCCI confirms this report, the issue may walk into cricket as well.

Here we look at the reasons as to why banning WAGs from ICC World Cup would be a terrible idea –

ICC World Cup 2015 Begins on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples. Though India’s first match is on 15th February, cricketers spending time with one another on the 14th, without their respective better halves is not right. This will especially be harsh on couples that got married or into a relationship in 2014. Imagine not having the love of your life beside you on your first Valentine’s Day. That will be depressing for sure for the cricketers.


WAGs Are Inspirations, Not Distractions


The Indian team is entering the 2015 ICC World Cup as defending champions. The players are already heroes to their wives and girlfriends, but most of them were not part of the squad that brought the World Cup home in 2011. This team is young and willed to repeat their performance and having their partners will only be motivational. The enthusiasm to perform in front of their better halves will enable the cricketers to perform better.


History Could Repeat Itself, in a Bad Way


The justification for this title is with reference to football. England, Portugal, Mexico and Bosnia were a few of the teams in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil that did not allow WAGs to accompany players. None of these teams made it past the Round of 16. We do not want history repeating itself when India failed to make it past the group stage in the 2007 ICC World Cup. Having their girlfriends and wife alongside will help players to perform at their best potential and they might actually rip off the ‘poor overseas performer’ tag once and for all by winning the trophy.


Banning WAGs is Unreasonable


Although BCCI has not implied it as a reason to ban the WAGs from touring Australia and New Zealand, sex can be one of the main reasons. The Indian board will never give this as an official reason, but since when has sex been the reason to exhaust a performer? As a matter of fact, sex gets the testosterone going, enabling the players to perform even better.


Other Teams Are Bringing Their WAGs


A spokesperson for Cricket South Africa confirmed that their players will be arriving to the ICC World Cup in company of their respective partners. With their partners accompanying them, the Proteas are sure to move from strength to strength. Moreover, with the tournament being hosted by Australia and New Zealand, you can expect their cricketers to show up with their better halves. Now, will it not be demotivating for the Indian players to watch their adversaries with their wives and girlfriends and have no one beside them for support?

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