These Are The Ways You Can Insult Someone Without Using The Curse Words


Insult without curse words – It is bad to insult someone, especially in terms of their looks, merit and dressing style.

However, there are people who do bizarre things to grab the attention and end up as laughing stocks. When you are vying for attention, you need to have something significant in you to make people bow down you.

Some have gift of the gab, some have best pen style, some have relentless sense of humor to bring the house down while some have achieved mighty degrees in succession by determination and sheer hard work. Everyone has their own reason to be noted but then we have ‘Dhinchak Pooja’s on the loose.

Well, their bubble needs to be burst and here are the ways you can insult without using a single curse word:

Insult without curse words –

“Why do play hard to get when you are hard to want?”

What is the cascading celebration of the self for, boy! You need to have some substance to be wanted.

“You are impossible to underestimate”

Obviously, god has sent you as the underestimated one, you are already in the lowest low.

“Please realize that people just tolerate you”

Your rants, your boisterous cheapness is tolerated, not appreciated.

“Your gene pool could use a little more chlorine”

It’s toxic, ew!

“You are not pretty enough to be stupid”

A pretty face still sells but how do you think you are going to sell with that butterface of yours?

“You look like a visible fart”

You do. You know when the fart is visible? the moment you fart in a glass full of water. You are as gross!

“The person who has asked you to be yourself has probably given you the worst advice”

Be a little altruistic and stopped being yourself already. Have mercy on the mankind! Oh puhleez!

“I completely envy people who haven’t met you!”

I can’t begin to imagine how lucky they are. I just am tuning into a green eyed monster thinking about them here.

“I neither have time nor crayons to express it to you”

Because your low-lying intellect level can even shame a child, you will probably need graphic detailing, erm! Paintings done with crayons to understand that I am chipping away at your prestige, boy, I am sorry I have no time for that!

“If you are a candle, better burnt out”

Because candles are meant to be burnt and that’s that. No offense there!

“You will be utterly forgotten”

Because, bad memories are always meant to be.

“I hope your day is as pleasant as you are”

Read between the lines there.

These are the ways you can insult without curse words – If they still not seem to be taken to task, see through them, just.

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