Here’s How You Can Annoy People From Different Regions of India

Annoy people

You can annoy people – India is a melting pot of different communities with diverse cultures, principles and languages.

Every language has its own set of jargons and swear words. One should not look down upon these profanities belonging to different Indian communities because they represent the language they belong from, no matter if in a twisted way. However, when you are travelling or migrating to the any other part of India and the culture seems alien to you, you should do some ground work and learn some template sentences so as to survive. Likewise, you need to steer clear of some stereotypical phrases or expressions too so as not to offend the people from those communities. But if your funny bone is active and you have a brave heart, try out the below methods to annoy the shit out of them:

Here are the ways you can annoy people from different regional communities of India:

Annoy people –

1 – Bengal:

People from Bengal thrive around fish curries. Once you are guest to them, rest assured to be treated with a delectable range of dishes made from fish each prepared with a different type of spice ranging from mustard to ginger paste. But they will take serious offense if you call them ‘machher jhol’ . They take it as an insult to their culture.

2 – Punjab:

Well insulting a Punjabi is much more fun than actually insulting them. They live in an unapologetically loud and pompous world what really makes them stand out. What’s more, their lives are more effervescent than us in terms of fun. But if you blurt out a cuss word such as Boo da boja, which means smelly idiot, rest assured that you have finally seriously offended them.

3 – Gujarat:

Gujarati people are heart-warmingly benevolent and are hospitable to say the least. What really attracts rest of us about the Gujarati culture is their mouth-watering range of sweets but make sure not to offend them saying ‘Bhadvo’ which means the biggest pimp unless you want to unfurl a sleeping volcano.

4 – Rajasthan:

We are reminded of camels, horizon kissing deserts, colourful village fairs and obviously, ethnic silver jewellery when someone mentions Rajasthan. Oh well, how can we not mention the laas maas in this discussion? Rajasthan, all in all, is your perfect travel destination where you will have a time of your life but then make sure not to call them ‘chingus marwari’ or miserly Marwari, all hell will break loose then.

5 – Bihar:

The mention of Bihar leaves our stomach in knots as we nurture a belief that every household staple there is a gun. But then there is litti chokha too to compensate. Biharis are often called out for their limited English but the myth is busted now by more English-literate people coming in the foresight proving their worth in their respective professional fields. But then, the wound is yet raw, if you ever dare mock at their English you are so dead!

So, get your head around the above warnings and take care not to offend them. But If you are the one-man-circus and love annoying people, you can use those warnings as tips. *winks*.


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