No Restaurant Owner Will Ask For Service Charge AFTER Reading This!

Service Charge – In July 2017, the department of Customer Affairs said that it is illegal for restaurants & eateries to separately levy a service charge. But it seems, some restaurants out there have still not made peace with it.

This recent news is a perfect example & it goes to show how customers are still forced to pay the service charge mentioned in the restaurant bill. In this recent incident related to service charge, Mumbai’s “Punjab Grill” restaurant in Lower Parel’s area surely regrets doing this mistake. The restaurant owner who asked service charge of 181 rupees and 5 paise was now fined with Rs 10, 000.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Here’s the incident that took place recently & undoubtedly it is a lesson to take – IPS Officer Jayjeet Singh visited “Punjab Grill” restaurant on August 12th. When the bill was presented to Jayjeet Singh, it had amount Rs 1810. Surprisingly, he was charged 10% of the service charge. Jayjeet Singh refused to pay the service charge that mentioned in the bill, as he was aware that now, restaurants can’t ask any customer to pay service charge. Instead of accepting it & ending the topic then & there, the restaurant owner argued & refused to take off the charge. In the wake of this incident, Jayjeet Singh went to court and lodged a complaint asking for the amount he was forced to pay. Even when the notice was given to the owner, he didn’t showed up at the court. So in this case, the court ordered that Jayjeet Singh will be paid the compensation of Rs. 10, 000.

AFTER receiving the amount, Jayjeet Singh decided to donate the amount of compensation to Chief Minister, Kalyan Nidhi.

This incident is a lesson.

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