This is A Hilarious Conversation Between A Smoker and His Lungs


A smoker is admonished by everyone for his smoking habits.

The worst victim, aside from those who bear the brunt of passive smoking, is his lungs. When a smoker decides to quit smoking, there is a lot of cry but little wool, after a few days of sabbatical; he resumes his smoking all right. The lungs are always subjected to stifling discomfort and they want to resign from work every given day.

Assume, if you are smoker and your lungs could speak, the conversation between you two might look like this.

Conversation 1:

Your lungs: You don’t love me nowadays.

You: How?

Your lungs: You fear the regretting phase of giving up smoking more than fearing me getting affected by diseases.

You: Do lungs have a brain too?

Conversation 2:

You: Hey you seem pretty psyched? Is it for the Christmas in the offing?

Your Lungs: You didn’t touch a cigarette in last 3 days, keep it up buddy, it’s just the pumped up healthy blood circulation that psyched me up.


Conversation 3:

Your lungs: Have you heard of Emphysema?

You: What is that? I have no clue

Your lungs: That is not as easy as semolina, it can lead me dysfunctional and kill you so quit smoking already.

You: Bruh, your humour is badass.

Conversation 4:

You: Mind if I smoke?

Your lungs: Care if I die?

You: *Pokerface*

Conversation 5:

Your lungs: Try one more time to quit smoking, I have a suggestion.

You: Like what?

Your lungs: Light the end and turn it over inside your mouth.

You: Buzz off!

Conversation 6:

You: I haven’t had a cigarette in 10 days

Your lungs: So you might say things are getting pretty serious there, I was going to Colorado for vacations here.

Conversation 7:

You: I smoke for religious reasons?

Your lungs: How?

You: Each minute brings me close to Jesus

Your lungs: Get out you

Conversation 8:

Your lungs: You are lucky I can’t breathe or else I would walk all up and down your ass!

You: Buzz of already

Conversation 9:

You: I am not smoking anymore

Your lungs: But when you start again, you won’t smoke any less

You: You know me so well

Your lungs: Well sadly, yes, you are my landlord so I kinda sorta tolerate you.

Conversation 10:

You: Suggest me an effective way to stop smoking.

Your lungs: Ask your girlfriend to stop giving you BJs on the days you smoke

You: *pokerface*

So, you see your lungs are really sad that you don’t give up smoking.

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