“Lies” You “Should” Tell In A Relationship

Lies in relationship – Even psychologists say that pro-social lying can be beneficial for your relationships. So, go ahead and share a healthy relationship with your partner just by LYING!

Have you ever lied to your partner?

If your answer is yes, you need not feel guilty, provided it is a white lie and did not hurt anyone.

While lying to your near and dear ones may seem like pushing them away, honesty may not always be the best policy as some white lies can actually help secure a strong bond between you and your partner!


Here are some of the lies that can indeed help you in your relationship:

Wow! You look Amazing!

Boys, do you follow? When your lady love asks you if the dress suits her style or if their haircut is a little too much, you can always spare the drama and unnecessary question sessions by simply telling this lie, but you need to say it with much conviction so that it seems convincing. Mostly, what your partner is wearing or the new haircut she got done is something they already like and they only need your assurance or confirmation for the same. So, even if you feel that they could lookout for better options, just say they look gorgeous and both of you will be happy.



Your Best Friend is great

If you have had several meetings with your partner’s BFF but are still not able to like the person unlike as expected by your partner, just say that s/he is awesome and you are much fond of him/her. Your partner will then be better able to keep a balance between both the cherished relationships and not worry about why you do not like the best friend.



Yes honey, I understand! Or I know what it feels like!

When your partner bemoans losing in a video game or the abrupt ending of a sitcom or serial, you can just end the topic there and then by resting a hand on their shoulder or over their hands and appease them by saying, “Honey, I understand!” You may thus get the chance of grumbling on something that they will not be able to relate to but will still have to be calm.



S/he is just a good friend, nothing else

Let bygones be bygones when you are in a new relationship with your current partner. Even if you liked or were attracted to someone in the past, just keep the old flame under covers and rest his/her pangs of jealousy and unwanted suspicion at bay.



I don’t mind when you hang out with him/her

Even if you are possessive about your partner and do not particularly like your partner spending time with a close friend of the opposite sex, you need not have to be truthful about your feelings, unless and until there is some valid reason for your suspicion. Revealing your true feelings will only lead your partner to believe that you lack trust or do not have any faith in them.



Oh! How cute this is, I absolutely love it!

A little note of appreciation from your end will appease your partner thinking that you really liked their present, even if it is not so. Who knows you might someday actually get what you want with just a white lie that you loved the gift they have bought for you? It will also make your partner feel good about him/her, which in turn would help you both sharing a happier relationship.



No, I did not even look at her

As much as people hope, it is unnatural that anyone will become oblivious of people around them. But your partner might unnecessarily drag the situation by saying that you both may be involved in a relationship and ask you several unexpected questions if you tell her that you just had a glimpse of a good-looking girl who just passed by. So, cut the crap and just say you did not check out anyone.



Oh! I missed you too darling!

Your day was a splendid one with friends getting together after a long time and hanging out at café, clicking pictures, et al and you really did not quite miss your partner, you did not probably even get the time or chance to think of him/her so at the end of the day when they call you to say that they missed you so much, just do not give a detailed account of what you did and how you enjoyed with your friends. Just sum it up by saying that I did like meeting friends after so long but I really missed you a lot.



I don’t believe in lying

You may be pretending some feelings and situations but putting them across clearly will be a smack on your partner’s face. You surely don’t want that right! It will only increase your relationship problems. So, simply say that you never lie and your relationship will run as smooth as butter!


While lying sounds insecure, it is surely better than hurting someone’s feelings. So liars, Alert! You can now put your fears at rest as these fibs can save your relationship and you as well!

Now make your love go on fire with these white lies. Have fun lying!

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