Smoking! How To Do Away With The Cravings!

Smoking Kills

To quit smoking seems like an Hurculeun task to all those who have been living on the puffs, literally!

You know why? Because for the simple reason that it is a nerve wrenching addiction, equally hazardous to any other drug addiction!

Smoking is death

Smoking Kills

The first question that bothers everyone who wishes to quit smoking is exactly how to stop it?

Well, to be honest, there are very few successful ways in which you can stop smoking and that is not because it is impossible to quit smoking, but it’s just too hard and for most people, awareness and the effective ways to stop smoking are elusive.

Work On The Grassroot

What every smoker would have to understand is that how to stop smoking does not have a stop, think and execute approach. Irrespective of how long you have been smoking and how badly you want to quit smoking, you invariably have to eliminate cravings to successfully stop smoking. Cravings are the grassroots of the vices. Most people wonder that they lack the willpower to be able to cope up with the cravings and that is not a myth. Smokers actually find it hard to counter the cravings and whether someone is firm willed or not, these cravings always get the better of smokers.

The Types That Need To Be Treated

To quit smoking, one has to understand that there are two types of cravings – physical and mental.

Smoking Craving

Smoking Craving

The Physical Need

The physical cravings are relatively simpler. Each cigarette has a certain amount of nicotine which goes into our body. Over time our body gets accustomed to the amount of nicotine present at a certain point of time. Now, the body flushes out nicotine day in and out, but since smokers continue to replenish the nicotine levels with a smoke every now and then, the quantum of nicotine levels remain fairly constant. How to stop smoking would become easier to understand and execute if you knew that smokers who can quit smoking for 3 days in a row, almost 80% of nicotine levels would be flushed out from the system. The reduction in nicotine levels would reduce the physical cravings which are caused whenever the body is in need of nicotine to maintain the levels it has been accustomed to. 10 days after you stop smoking, the body gets accustomed with no nicotine and hence there are no physical cravings at all in about a fortnight.

Now, trying to quit smoking for the first 10 days is the hardest and most smokers do not manage to pass this litmus test. So, how do you stop smoking without the required willpower?

Say No To Smoking

Say No To Smoking

The Mental Requirement

The other type of craving, mental cravings, normally requires even more willpower to do away with. Typically, there are four stages of mental cravings. If one has to quit smoking, then apart from getting rid of physical cravings, the mental cravings have to be countered as well. A simple event such as having a cup of coffee or getting bored can lead to mental craving for a smoke.

The second phase is the thought process. When we associate an event with a smoke or have an urge to smoke when we just see someone smoking, there is a thought that propels us to go for it.

  • The simple way out to fight the mental cravings is to stay away from the smoking group, intentionally and effort fully. Steer clear of the friends and foes who smoke! Come what may!
  • Switch to non-smoking group of people for socialising, and even at workplace.
  • Keeping the mind busy all the time becomes an imperative. Making a list of engrossing activities and getting involved in those throughout the day, especially during the idle hours, will definitely help.
  • Nicotine chewing gums are a good alternative, when in the quitting phase. One can opt for them after consulting the doctor. Some people resort to the regular chewing gums too, it helped in some cases.
  • Willpower works for it, all the way! Work on the will power. Make way for some brain and physical workout and stick to it!
  • Yoga practitioners are seen gaining strength and willpower to quit it sooner. Mediation also helps to a large extent.

To quit smoking may be hard, but it is definitely not impossible! When you know it is not doing any good to you, apart from easing the stress for a few moments, you must do away with this demon and opt for a healthy lifestyle!

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