7 Free Online Courses That Can Help Budding Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are always looking out for ways to learn new things because continued education will ultimately help them as well as their firm to grow.

We think online courses are a great way for entrepreneurs to improve or brush up their knowledge. Most of these online courses are free and one can take them up within the comfort of their home.

This is why today we have compiled a list of a few courses by edX. These courses provide information on business planning and management which can aid entrepreneurs and their startups.

Scroll through the slider to have a look at some vital online courses for your entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Creativity and Entrepreneurship

We all know that entrepreneurship is a creative processSo let your creative juices flow by taking some cues from renowned innovators and entrepreneurs from various fields. This particular course is imparted by the famous Berklee Institute. If you are interested in this course then click here.


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