Candy Got Crushed Without The Saga! Priyanka Vadra Got Sexier Than Priyanka Chopra!

Entertainment in Parliament and Politics – A mad story about the current scenario of Indian Parliament! Got save the Indian Politics and our honorable politicians!!

With so much SENSIBLE happening in Indian Politics and Parliamentary (read idiotic) sessions, we do not need entertainment elsewhere!

If at all the daily sessions are made mandatory for the “AAM JANATA” to watch and to witness the real life antics of our “PYAARE NETAGAN”, there will be no dearth of happy and smiling faces around the nation!

The clowns in Indian Politics are good enough to keep us entertained!

You ask me why?

1 Apparently a Karnataka ‘ªBJP MLA was found zooming in on‘ª ‎Priyanka Gandhi‘s photographs while the house was in session. Prabhu Chavan was not only looking at the pictures of Priyanka wearing white shirt and white trousers, but was seen zooming in on the picture and showing it to one of his colleagues too. If his lip movements are tracked, one can see him mentioning something about white and rain … errrr … allegedly! As per our renowned sources, Vadra is planning to sue the MLA for drooling over and ogling his wife in a PUBLIC PLACE!!??! (Well, they have all sorts of PRIVATE PLACES, to do so!!)



2 Trying to do some damage control, Chavan has defended himself, saying he was looking at ԻBaba Ramdev photos of the time when he wore a white salwar kameez and ran from the Ramlila Maidaan. (Is he sexually obsessed by men with beards wearing salwar kameez? Is he having some sort of sexual fantasies about Baba Ramdev and his KILLER BODY?)



3 Another MLA was also found playing ‘ª‎Candy Crush Saga on his mobile in the house. He was on level 121 and was furiously trying to pass it. The ‘ªCongress along with its ‘ª‎Milibhagat Opposition is planning to hold a protest outside the Parliament with the full intention of disrupting yet another session.  It is heard that the protest is going to be led by ‘ªRahul Gandhi and the demand is going to be about discrimination. “Why isn’t ‘ªPet Rescue given the same prominence as Candy Crush?”, RaGa was heard saying.



4 RaGa also gave a pre-protest speech in which he said, “We have given the people of India, development and mobile phones, Candy Crush, Criminal Case, Pet Rescue and they are using this same technology to ogle at our women? What about Women’s Empowerment?” He also managed to squeeze in ‘ªRTI and “Gujarat ko Doodh Kisne Diya” somewhere in the middle of it.



ԻKejriwal and ԻAAP has gone on record to say that they have ample amount of proof about each and every MP and MLA who watch porn, women pictures, play games during the house. They have said that they will show the proof at the right time! Jab Jantaa Jawaab Mangegi!!



6 When the reporters asked the Speaker about this, she woefully replied, “All the time my phone keeps vibrating in the house. These people keep sending me Candy Crush requests and I have to keep Accepting them. Whether the Ayes have it or the Nays is decided on how many people actually accept MY Candy Crush requests.” Reportedly, the Speaker has also complained to the ‘ªPM’ªModi about this!



7 The PM was busy playing Candy Crush Soda Challenge and shooed away our correspondent without so much as raising his head from the phone, though he was heard muttering something which sounded very much like “‎AcheDin, Ache Din, Candy Sequence ban gayo che”



8 Disclaimer: Personally, I prefer ‘ªPriyanka Chopra in a white saree in Ram Leela rather than ‘ª‎Ramdev in a white salwar suit at RamLila or Priyanka  Gandhi in white anything. 😛


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