How to Wear A Pencil Skirts Like A Boss

Pencil Skirt

The fashion police take up the cudgels for Pencil Skirt for obvious reasons.

It not only makes you look slender but also pretty much hides the flaws in your figure if there are any. Furthermore, Pencil skirts look super spot-on everywhere, be it at work or a sultry dinner date. It’s the power-packed addition your wardrobes that even the plus-sized women also swear by. However, if you want to soar and not sink in a pencil skirt look, you need to know the perfect ways to pull it off and ahoy! Get your crisp blouses lined up already.

Thumb rule: Pencil skirts are the classiest of the lot so better to team up with chic heels.

Here are some simple yet uber stylish pencil skirts looks for you:

1 – White Blouse-Black Skirt look:

You can actually whet admirations with this monochrome look. This look goes best at work. Wear your black pencil skirt with slightly ruffled at the neck blouse or simply white crisp blouse for that matter and stop at nothing to turn heads!

2 – Smart Blazer- chic skirt look:

Winter is just around corner and fashionistas are gearing up already. So, give a chance to pencil skirt and team it up with a super sexy tank top with a well-fitted blazer atop. This will enhance your hourglass figure a lot.

pencil skirt

3 – Tied up check shirt and skirt looks:

Tied up tops, shirts and checks are all the rage this season. Taking a cue from that, team up your stylish tied up checked shirt with a black pencil skirt or the color of the skirt should match the base color of your shirt and voila!

4 – Brown leather skirt with white blouse:

The brown leather Pencil skirt is this season must have and it makes for a killer combo if paired up with a white shirt/casual sweatshirt/to. Don’t forget to wear your nude pumps or boots along.

These are the four fearsomely menacing pencil skirt looks for fashionistas from all body shapes. So chin up and get ready to roll!

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