Luxurious Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Stars Are As Good As Small Studio Apartment

Vanity Vans Of Bollywood Stars

Vanity vans of Bollywood stars – We all have been there to look after the brands, jewellery and other stuff that a successful celebrity carries.

But have you ever pondered how good their vanity vans would be?

These Bollywood celebrities manage to keep one of the precious and super luxurious homes in the country and they make sure that their moving houses are not less than their fancy houses.

Check out some of the luxurious and expensive vanity vans of Bollywood stars.

1 – Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan will steal your heart once again with the super expensive and stylish vanity van he owns. With too much of  futuristic vibe, the actor gave his van a blue lightning to add an oomph factor to it.


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