5 Crappy Things 2017 Taught Us, We learned Great Lessons

2017 was helluva year and nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. We have been through many odds and happy encounters, so of course we have mixed feelings about it. Like every year, 2017 was also a sum of experiences that helped us grow and have a tighter grip on life. We, as mature human beings should strive to become a better version of us with every passing day and take all the hardships in our stride and grow through them. Disappointments were saddening as they come and there have been some downright crappy things that we have been faced with in this year. While these things rattled us, there are somethings we learned from the experiences too.

Those people that had a bitter break-up:

There have been boyfriends who were not for keeps so we had to bid adieu to them no matter how painful it was in the first place. Then there are people, who had seen the uglier side of this reality having been engaged with them, planned down even having paid for the wedding décor only to find he was a fuckboy of sorts. But what compensated the most to tide over this was food.

Lesson learned: Food is a keeper and the best healer. It is to stay even in your toughest of time.

We misjudged people:

Some people are here to stay and some will show seasonal love. After all, the masks will fall off in the turn of time and you will know you invested all your energy on them in vain. But there are people who you misjudged, turned out to be your mainstay, only to leave you amazed.

Lesson learned: People who show their true colours to you, don’t give them another chance to convert themselves because they will suck at it again and you have no time for that. Meanwhile, make sure not to misjudge the good lot.

Selling the soul for the killer body:

Many of joined the fitness bandwagon and whose boundaries are always are being pushed. With myriad 30 day challenges mobile apps lurking there, we went berserk to achieve the fitness goals in the shorter span of time thereby draining ourselves both mentally and physically. That is to say, waking up in the wee hours of morning to workout after not eight hours of sufficient sleep didn’t yield the desired results, but obviously.

Lesson learned: Patience is the key to success, not shortcuts.

Comfort zones crippled us sneakily:

We were too bummed to break free the comfort zone which only paralysed us. There have been opportunities that came and went but we played the onlookers. One thing is for sure, the opportunities are never to return again and we will be watching Netflix until the end of our days.

Lesson learned: Seize the opportunity and kick some serious ass. Getting stuck in the comfort zone is like setting the house on fire and watching it burn.

We are okay to be confused:

Because our previous plans never worked out, that doesn’t mean we should not plan in future. We grow from our failures only if we learn from those. So what if we did not get engaged to the person we love? that Greece honeymoon didn’t materialize? We ended up realizing our life sucks? This confusion will give you the power to overcome the phase. Your mind is in chaos now but it will be soothed with time.

Lesson learned: Confusions are normal and very much human, try to run towards the light that awaits you at the end of the tunnel.

So, Happy New Year in advance, peeps!

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