Some Men Can’t Handle Rejection – 5 Situations When Things Could Get Ugly!

Love rejection

A girl’s ‘no’ is never an accepted phenomenon in our country. ‘Haseena maan jayegi’ is usually the idea that brews on the guy’s mentality.

Liking a girl is not really the main issue here but pursuing her despite her rejection turns out to be ugly. Guys think that if they constantly keep trying then the ‘no’ would turn into ‘yes’.

‘Ladki patana’ is like a subject that men take pride in mastering. Well there are times where such constant measures of hitting on a girl can lead to really grave consequences and traumatic experiences for the girls.

Persuading a girl in the neighborhood:

Our society tends to judge a girl before the guy. When a girl is raped it is usually concluded that she asked for it. Similarly when a guy is hitting on a girl, people in the society easily tend to mark her character and might even go to an extent of tagging her with horrific names (wh*re, sl*t, etc.)

Constantly when a guy follows a girl in the neighborhood; firstly he is invading her privacy and secondly people tend to judge the girl. Moreover when the girl doesn’t pay heed to the boy, people pity the boy’s plight and conclude her of having an attitude problem.

Hitting on a girl at work:

This is the worst situation for any woman. Already working women face the challenge of proving their skills at work. Our society has still not accepted the concept of women working and earning for themselves. Firstly it is the society that they need to fight and then to be in the man’s world is really not easy. If you tend to succeed instantly and by coincidence if your boss also happens to be a man then you are easily rumored to be sleeping or physically satisfying your boss to reach your career heights.

In such an environment if a guy (boss/ colleague) keeps pursuing the girl then it becomes a mental torture. Office affairs are not unknown but when the woman says no and the guy still pursues then it gets murky.

Hitting your sister-in-law:

This is again a common case and is probably the worst scenario for any woman. If the perpetrator is outside he can still be tackled but if the predator is within the family then the woman becomes extremely helpless.

Especially when the person in question is the husband’s brother, which would mean the strong bond between the two brothers. No woman would want to be the reason for any fight between two brothers. Mostly our society is structured in a way that even after marriage the wife still continues to face hardships gaining acceptance at her in-laws. If such kind of an incident takes place then it becomes extremely difficult for the woman. She can’t reveal to her husband about his brother.

In the name of protection the brother-in-law would have his vested interest and try to accompany the girl places where her husband might not be able to make it. She can’t deny, can’t go with him, can’t tell her husband about it, etc. the dilemma that a girl goes through in such a situation is really pathetic.

When the guy friend never understands that he can never be the boyfriend:

This gets really irritating. It is a very common Indian mind-set that a girl and a guy can’t be friends. Just because a girl is sharing her deepest secrets and may be even being physically comfortable with a guy friend doesn’t mean she sees him like a boyfriend. Some guys don’t understand this. They might have spent really good time but if the girl finds her man then this reality isn’t very well accepted by the friend.

He would secretly hope for them to break-up or would go to any extent to do that.

Below is a song from the movie ‘Mere yaar ki shaadi hai’ where the bachelor party turns into a nightmare for the couple.

When a young boy keeps going behind a woman:

Juveniles are no exception to eve-teasing. When matured men don’t understand a girl’s denial then what can we even expect from young boys in their teens? Moreover our films also have had such bad impacts that men are born with the intention of pursuing till the girl gives in.

For example check out this song ‘Lakh Lakh’ from the movie ‘Kambakkht Ishq’. Akshay Kumar literally harasses Kareena Kapoor in public but hey he is the hero!!

Such depictions in popular media have built the stereotype and even kids grow up thinking it is cool to harass women.

At such young age they tend to believe whatever they see. It is very important that the society learns to respect women and the space.

Nobody in this world has the right to invade that space. Liking a person is a very beautiful feeling indeed but men should also need to be mature enough to handle rejection. A woman should never pay the price for a feeling the guy develops.

The main problem is some men can’t handle rejection.

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