What if You Could Have a Conversation With Your Periods?

Conversation with periods

Conversation with periods – We really dread those five days because not only they give us discomfort but we feel very fatigued and hungry always.

No wonder, it leads to a lot of mood swings and we can’t sit a spell in fear of stain. All in all, periods are our sworn enemies that sneers while we suffer and eve worse, sometimes it comes without prior notice.

It really scares us silly all of a sudden when we are doing our daily chores. The enmity of periods and us is akin to John Snow and Ramsay Bolton’s and even if we had a conversation with each other, neither of us would sweet-tongue the other.

Here is a conversation with periods, sample how periods and us, the chalk and cheese would have a conversation:

Conversation with periods –

When your period comes unannounced:

Periods is a real brat and it never gives you a prior notice. You know it has dawned upon you when you have already stained your panties and on the dangerous margin to stain your pants too. Keeping your cool in this situation seems really tough and you have a conversation with it like this-

You: Why were you in such a hurry this month? I wasn’t even prepared.

Periods: You should have read the warning behind the I-Pill packet, it warned you about my early arrival, You should have kept yourself prepared.

When it stains your panties:

You had no idea it was going to come so you wore your favorite thongs because you are going on a date after office with the boyfriend followed by a steamy sex and this guy arrives as Kebab me haddi only to leave you fuming.

You: Why do you always ruin my happiness, first you ruined the panties and the date now.

Periods: Whatever happens happens for the best, I know you would not take protection and end up pregnant this time so I am the godsent angel to save you. Pay me the due respect!

You: *facepalm*

When it comes during your sleep:

Periods come in the weirdest time possible and sometimes it surprises you in the morning when you wake up to a stained bedsheet.

You: Oh no! it’s you again? and look what did you do to my white bedsheet. Now I will have to wash it or mom will be mad at me for being so irresponsible.

Period: It was a dirty prank and those hurt!

You: buzz off you!

When your Whisper Maxi XL looks small:

There are months when the flow doesn’t seem to stop even after all day you have bled until anemic.

You: What? you think I am a blood bank? even Whisper Maxi XL won’t suffice this time. Even blood banks run dry sometimes.

Periods: I am helping you shed some significant calories.

The Conversation with periods – We and periods will never be friends. Meh!

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