You know your crush is an introvert when…

These are five signs that will prove your crush is shy kinds…

You like her eyes. He always returns your smile. She waves at you at times. You love his voice. All looks rosy but there is something unusual about them. The ‘he and she’ here are characters whom you end up having a crush on.

But they are not the ones who would take the first step to respond to any of your gestures. They are from the introvert lot. Hmm! yes they are different from those popular loud people. And, you really come to know your crush is an introvert when…

Long messages are often replied using any of these three words…


You keep yapping and all they do is just ‘SMILE’


There is always an awkward silence after a ‘Hello’

If they keep looking at their mobile screen it means they have nothing else to talk about


They are always in a hurry


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