Top 10 Demands Of The Indian Youth That Need To Be Fulfilled Immediately!


Indian youth is an impatient lot. It has to be, after all it’s been 68 years of our independence and still we haven’t got our rightful dues. It’s high time the government listens to what the future of this country has to say, right?

Here’s a list of top 10 demands of the Indian youth that the authorities need to fulfil right away!

1) Free WIFI All Over

Why only in Delhi? Free WIFI needs to be provided to the citizens of the country all across the nation for their overall development and growth. Technology and internet have the potential to change lives and the government can do this much if it wants the youth to contribute towards the betterment of the nation.

2) Higher Education On Merit

Let’s stop this system of quota and capitation fees and various other ways of gaining an entry into colleges for higher education. Just make merit the sole criteria and for the under-privileged, let’s prepare them from childhood for equal participation to face the competition.

3) Secured Life

Every boy and girl should actually be made to feel safe not only from enemies outside the country, but from within as well! Girls should be able to live their life on their terms without a fear of rape or acid attack. The citizens shouldn’t have to worry about racist attacks, terrorist attacks, religious hatred etc.

4) Equal Opportunities

No matter what one’s caste, religion, skin colour is, he or she should be offered equal opportunities in life. At work, there shouldn’t be any discrimination or special treatment based on one’s background! We all are humans, right?

5) Freedom to Wear

Yes, we might say that we have freedom to wear anything, but every other day there are diktats from some idiots about girls not allowed to wear this or that! How are clothes going to change the mentality, one cannot understand this logic! Stop these Stone Age diktats!

6) Freedom to Love

Let the youth love and spread it as well. Why to confine them in man-made cages of only selective love? Ensure that love happens irrespective of difference in religion, caste, economic background or sexual preferences. Love is the only solution, nothing else!

7) Freedom to Criticise

You do your job well, you will get praise! You goof up, you’ll be criticized! Let the youth have the freedom to raise their voice against injustice, to criticize the government for their unjustified actions, and participate freely in what is called a democratic movement.

8) Full Night Clubs

The youth nowadays is used to hectic lifestyles with most of the time spent in working long hours! They need to refresh and rejuvenate themselves and for that it is important that there are enough of full night entertainment centres. Obviously the security apparatus has to be organized by the government, but is it too much to ask in return for making sure that work efficiencies rise higher?

9) Talent Should Rule

Whether in educational institutes or at work, only talent should be given prominence. Whether in government jobs or private ones, there should be not any hindrance for the employee to grow higher up in his job if he rightly deserves it.  The criteria of minimum amount of years or minimum education to acquire a position is so old-age!

10) Live and Let Live

This should be the mantra of life to be made the national slogan! Not only should this be encouraged in word and spirit, but also in action.

These are not big demands that will make a hole in government’s budget. These are basic things that will help the youth to live a happy life and a happy citizen is always going to work harder for the betterment of society and nation.

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