Bachcha Banao! Desh Bachao!!

Our eminent politicians are promoting “Kids Making” as the best method to retain the national integrity and promote the national religion. We have a very different take to all this Bachcha Banao Game.

The Eminent Honorable ԻBJPԻMPԻSakshi Maharaj has come up with a very innovative idea.

After bowing low to the stature of India’s only ‘ªPatriot Shri Shri ‘ªNathuram Godse, Sakshi (its a guy btw, don’t let the name confuse you ) went on to unviel his blueprint for the Perfect ‘ª‎Hindia.

This New Campaign is supposedly being called the “Bachcha Banao Desh Bachao” campaign

According to him all ‘ªHindu women should go ahead and have a minimum of FOUR CHILDREN to …. ahem … Protect ‘ªHinduism and Hindustan

Of course, not by themselves, don’t be silly, their husbands need to be involved in the deed too !! (You guys ask us anything. Huh!!).

1 – But if we go by Sakshi’s remarks the Four Children Concept is based on the concept of ‘ªFour Seasons (One child for each season) and is also said to have been loosely inspired by the new ‘ªHoney Singh number, “Chaar Bachcha Deshka, Kaam Mera Rozka” or something like that.



2 РOur Hon. HRD Min. ԻSmriti Irani (yes, we love her) is right now working on changing the ԻSex Education Syllabus to accommodate this new inspiration.



3 – However, we are not sure if 14th November will be replaced from being Children’s Day after ‘ªNehru of ‘ª‎Congress, to being the “National Reproduction Day” possibly named after ‘ªLaloo Prasad Yadav (know how many kids he has??)… unless the BJP manages to do a ‘ªGhar Waapsi of ‘ªRJD.



4 – Sakshi, also, has given tips on what to do with these 4 kids. One is to be sent to the ‘ª‎Indian Army and another is to be sent to the ‘ªVirat Hindu Army of ‘ªSubu Swamy.



5 – With the other two kids, he has referred to ‘ªSalman Khan and said, “You Can Do Whatever You Want To Do, Man”.



6 – I am not sure the impact this will have on the population of India, with the 4 wives and 40 kids already, that some of our brothers are proud to support. And now this?? But one thing is certain … the ‘ª‎Women Of India are definitely going to be real busy!! Another smart way to get them out of the workplaces … eh?



7 – Furthermore, an alleged close aide of PM Modi (yes, another one of our drunk sources), who would like to remain un-named … and drunk, has confided that this is actually a part of the ‘ªMake In India Campaign. There is the plan that everything in the world would be produced or reproduced in India by 2050.The Aide, refused to divulge further details about the involvement of ‘ª‎FDI in this and I am not going to make any guesses myself. 



8 – Some Women have already started making demands on having the ceilings, designer painted with better looking ceiling fans, to add some colour to this mundane activity!! 


Highly excited and inspired by Sakshi’s speech, our writers went ahead and asked their wives what they thought about this idea and her willingness to be a part of this Campaign, in the interest of the Nation of course. But they told them to go F*** themselves!!, and we have no clue how that’s going to help in protecting my religion or country???

Disclaimer: All those who had the audacity to ask this favour from their “padhi-likhi” and sensible wives, of course, in the best interest of the nation, are sleeping on the couch for the rest of their lives!!

Ab banao, kaise baanaaoge?? Bachcha!!

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