5 Diet Myths That Dont Slim You But In Fact Make You FAT!

weight-loss myths

Weight-loss myths – The only thing that goes on in every girl’s mind at all times is how to lose weight or how to stay slim at all costs.

That is just one thought that keeps plaguing us all the time. What ensues is relentless searches on the internet about how to reduce weight at the earliest. This way, the most dangerous thing we do is start believing is dangerous weight-loss regimes which harm us more than doing us good.

Some of the weight-loss myths we believe in are absolutely dangerous!

Weight-loss myths

  • Big breakfast-small dinner

This is probably the biggest myth that makes rounds on the internet and around you too. It is a very common belief that you should eat a very heavy breakfast and that your dinner should be the smallest meal of the day. Well, that’s not true. We tend to gulp down lots of calories and think that the whole day’s work would just help burn those calories down. Your diet should be according to your daily work routine and not going by what the internet says.

  • The fat-free diet

Do not fall for the “fat-free, diet food” gimmick. They are not fat-free and diet coke is not suitable for your diet regime. Keeping this in mind, do not go on a totally fat-free diet either. Fats give you energy to operate the whole day. So, try and consume foods that have good amounts of fatty acids in them, like nuts or fishes like salmon or mackerel and plenty of fruits.

  • Eat smaller meals

This is a very good practice. The thing is, eating smaller meals is good as it helps to deal not intake a large amount of food at one go. The common belief that smaller amounts of food helps to improve metabolism is false if you are eating high-calorie foods during these times.

  • No late-night meals

Your calories do not have a clock of their own. High-calories foods taken late at night will take a little more time to digest but it is not going to lead to excess weight-gain or have any major change in your schedule.

  • Artificial sweeteners are healthy

The fact is no, they are not at all a healthier alternative. This no-sugar trick actually makes your body crave more for sugar so go for just a pinch of actually sugar instead of 5 tablets artificial sweeteners.

These are weight-loss myths – Hope you will not follow these so called MYTHS anymore, as these might be the obstacle between your weight loss journey.

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