11 Situations In Daily Life Which Annoy The Hell Out Of Us

11 Situations In Daily Life Which Annoy The Hell Out Of Us and we can’t do anything.

If you are reading this, odds are that you’re quite a normal person.

Happy family, decent work, crazy friends and crazier relatives.

That pretty much sums it all. But despite that, there are certain things in our daily lives which really annoy us to the core.

Now come on, be a sport and cool down!

But first have a look at these 11 daily life situations which would annoy anybody. Has any of  it happened with you too?

1).   When you are cozily napping in your bed on a hot summer morning and the maid turns off the fan to sweep the floor.


And that’s how jhadu-katka ruins your morning!

2).   So, you’re all dolled up in your best Saturday dress, ready to paint the town red. But your bestie just called and cancelled the scene.


Burn in hell bitch!

3).   Oh yeah! Game of thrones’ new season is ready for download. You return home thinking that the torrent’s done its job. But in reality your internet plan expired midway while you were gone.


Seriously, there’s no point living now.

4).   It’s just one of those off days and you really feel like having some comfort food. Come lunch time and voila! There’s lauki in your tiffin.


Okay, you are angry. We get it. But always respect food. Now eat it nevertheless!

5).   You are running on Indian standard time (read late) for your important meeting. And you get a flat tyre on your way.


Yes, God has evil plans sometimes!

6).   When you can’t remember where you have kept something ‘safely’. Be it that pendrive, a ring, earphones, phone charger; it could be anything, and it could be anywhere.


Now, I know I kept it somewhere. I just can’t remember where.

7).   So, you’ve paid a bomb getting those tickets to this new movie, starring the biggest actors. And it turns out to be the worst movie ever!


Given the 100 crore fad these days, you should have known better.

8).   Delhi people would connect so much better with this. When the Metro is delayed or is (as usual) inhumanly crowded.


Seriously, all I am breathing is sweat.

9).   This one happens with everyone. When your sibling wears your favourite clothes without your permission.


Yes, World War 3 shall start now.

10).  When you’ve bunked office to catch the final match and there’s no electricity at home. Or worse, no beer in the fridge!


Kill me now!

11).  When the professor has already announced in the class that he’ll not be coming tomorrow, but still shows up the next day.


Why, oh, why!

Do you have any other situation? If you do, let us know in the comment box.

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