6 Questions You Must Never Ever Ask A Man With Long Hair!

Man With Long Hair

“Man With Long Hair”

In this modern generation, many men have long hair. Simply because they think that it is a style and it also makes ‘em feel good and happy. But some people can never see this sort of happiness and they always come up with words that are “too-irritating”. I mean seriously- People always tend to come up with idiotic names which are disturbing as hell.

Apart from that, there are many useless questions that are being asked and I bet; all the men with a long hair must be tired of hearing ‘em.

Man with long hair hate these questions: –

  1. Why the heck do you want to look like a woman?

This is the most annoying one and seriously, the people who ask this question should get a tight punch on their face. Why is it so hard to understand that a man is not growing his hair because he wants to look like a woman? A man can grow his hair if he wants too and still feel like a MAN. {Note this!}

Man With Long Hair

  1. Do you still feel like a man in this avatar?

Hello!! A man with a long hair has not changed his gender or what so ever. He is still a man and also growing hair never automatically changes a man into a woman. So guys and girls with such a pathetic question can take a bed rest.

Man With Long Hair

  1. Don’t you think that you should now join a rock band?

Oh, that would be so damn good because then he can write songs about your dumb questions too. It is high time that people understand a man having a long hair can do other work too. It is not written anywhere or it is not even a compulsion that “Man with a long hair should only join bands”.

Man With Long Hair

  1. Hey mate, are you taking this long hair game too seriously?

Long hair game, seriously? First thing, it is not a game and second thing, your question is annoying {maybe} just like you. Tell me one thing- Is it wrong to keep long hair until you die? Definitely not, so why waste your time on asking such questions dude?

Man With Long Hair

  1. Are you allowed to work in this look?

Yes!! People accept man even though they’ve long hair and also, these people clearly don’t have a mindset like you {askers}. Frankly a person who is short, tall, thin, fat and who has short hair can work, right? Just like that, even a person with a long hair has an equal right to work too.

Man With Long Hair

  1. Are you gay?

Really? This question is fu*king useless and the person who is asking it, deserves a tight slap. Just because a man is having long hair, it doesn’t make him gay or something. There are so many out there who are gay even though they’ve short hair. So simply, people need to understand that “Hair never decides gender”. {Note this one too}

Man With Long Hair

So next time, make sure that you never ask such questions to a man with long hair.

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