6 Replies To Give That Bully Who Treats You Like Shit At Work

Replies you can give to the bully

Since the day you were born to the day we have all survived, I am sure you have been treated like shit many times.

There are always some bullies who like to put down others just so they can look good in front of people. But the worst kind of bullies that we find are the ones at work.

They are not your friends, not someone you like hanging out with and yet they bully the hell out of you and you have no other option but to tolerate that. Well, add some words to the toleration and fight for your rights. You don’t have to take shit from anyone and for that you need to prepare yourself with some awesome answers.

So, here are 6 replies you can give to the bully who treats you like shit at work.

Replies you can give to the bully –

  1. Smile and walk away.

Instead of getting offended or feeling bad about being bullied, the best way to hurt that bully is by walking away with a smile on face. He won’t be able to understand why you smiled and will surely understand that bullying doesn’t work on everyone.

  1. Complain officially

Sometimes bullies keep hitting on you because you don’t take any action, so it’s better for you to complain about it from the very first time. Go to the HR and make sure you write an official complaint so that you can use it when needed in future.

  1. Give it back to them

Don’t take shit from anyone because they feel they are more powerful, rather give it back to them. Tell them you are not there to tolerate their nonsense and take revenge of everything they do. But make sure someone knows that he is the one who initiated.

  1. Tell your colleagues

Another wise thing to do is telling your colleagues about everything you are going through so that you have the staff support. And once the people around you stand by you, the bully will feel weak automatically.

  1. Never get physical

Maybe someone is provoking you just so you get physical and they can get you fired from work. That’s why you have to make sure you are in control and don’t let your anger over power your brain.

  1. Don’t let them get in your head

No matter what they say and do to you, it’s your responsibility to not let it in your head. Sometimes, people get bullied to an extent where they start believing something is wrong with them, but it’s not. Hence, don’t let the bully get the best of you.

These are the Replies you can give to the bully – The next time that bully comes for you, make sure you are prepared to take him down!

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