Redditors Born Due To Rape Revealed Their Story And It Will Hit You Right In The Feels!

People Born Due To Rape

People Born Due To Rape  –

RAPE – A word that never seems to FADE.

There are many cases where the rape victims suffer miserably. The person who rapes a woman enjoys the sexual act, and then disappears like “nothing happened” at-all. But, the pain that a woman carries inside her is something that can never be compared to anything.

Well, I certainly don’t need to explain the cruelty and reality of rape, because I’m sure that you know every bits of it.

Recently, Redditors who are born due to rape revealed their painful story, and I’m sure that it’ll make you feel their heavy pain. All I know is, the rape victim suffers, but the child who is born due to rape suffers equally.

People Born Due To Rape –

  • I’ve always felt bad about it.

I was given up for adoption (illegally) as soon as I was born, but I never blamed my biological mother. She was raped by a man who then proceeded to murder her mom (my grandma) and her sister (my aunt). They were found cut into pieces. I was born with malnutrition, my skin was yellow, I was very tiny and barely survived as she didn’t want me at all so she wouldn’t take care of herself while pregnant. -Mind you, I was born in El Salvador and when people are found murdered everyone just assumes it’s gang violence.-

She now lives in the US and was never able to have another kid. Once I was told I had       ‘bad blood’ because of the way I was conceived, but that’s about it. I know it wasn’t my fault, but I’ve always felt like somehow ruined her life.

  • My biological mother was barely 16 when she was raped and then gave birth to me. She stayed with him after the fact. He was 36. I was lucky enough to be adopted and brought to the states at a young age. I really hate myself for it. I feel like I’m a constant reminder of what happened to my biological mother. It was actually pretty recently that I started to remember the shit that i went through as a little kid. I personally feel responsible in a way, he wanted another kid and here I am. I want to die yeah, but the rare times that I don’t, I get mad, I take it out on other people, I joke about it as a coping mechanism only to have it feel worse after I did it. I want to talk about it but when the opportunity rolls around I feel genuinely sick. I’m not doing well.
  • My mom was raped by my dad when she got drunk at a party. My dad was my mother’s best friend’s boyfriend that time. When my mother got pregnant, my grandmother’s brother threatened my dad so he would marry my mom. They got married and her marriage life was horrible. I just discovered this last year because my grandmother told me about it.

I felt very upset because it felt like I’m the reason why she had to suffer for years. My father was very                          violent whenever they argue. They’re not together anymore and I’m very thankful for that.

  • My mother was raped in a biker bar by the leader of a biker gang. My mother was an addict, she treated me like a rape baby (like she didn’t want me), My life was pretty terrible. Since I have become an adult life has been hard. I have been homeless most of my adult life because I was not taught proper life skills. No one treats me different because most don’t know and the people who do; don’t bring it up.

People Born Due To Rape – What do you have to say? Comment below.

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