Being Single On New Year’s Eve Is Not That Bad After All

Being single on New Year’s Eve does suck, but the situation is not as bad as individuals exaggerate it to be. There are many benefits of being a single during this special evening.

When you do not have a special someone alongside you on New Year’s Eve, you might instantly dread being single.

New Year’s Eve, along with Valentine’s Day, is seen as a depressing day by singles.

But does this have to be the case? I mean think of all the possibilities being a singleton brings and you do not need a special person to paint the town red.

Here are a few scenarios that would restore your faith in being single on one of the biggest days of the year – 

Firstly, you get to spend time with your friends, a group, rather than just one person. Think of all kinds of fun you can have by having people around who you have known all your life. Can you accomplish the same feeling by having a person whom you have known for a couple of months?



You can dress the way you want; after all, it’s not a date. Feel like wearing khakis or shorts or baggy jeans? Go ahead. No one is going to contradict your choice of clothes for the evening.



If you are new to drinking in the group, you will be in good hands, as good friends would take care of you and impose liquor limitations, for good. In case you engage in banter in the drunken state, at least you will have someone standing up for you.



You will not have to worry about a drunken date. Well, because you do not have one. Do you know how hard it is to take care of a person in a drunken state who you barely know?



You can spend the New Year’s Eve like the way you want; there is no need for planning beforehand. Wish to have a quiet dinner with friends? You can do that. If you are in mood for mischief, you can take a chance and gatecrash a New Year party.



In case you do not have plans for an outing, you can choose to spend quiet time with your family members. That way, you can feel special and not worry about being among unknown people with loud music playing around you.



You can also catch up on your favourite movie. With family, you can all sit together and watch a Christmas special film or a family movie that you have wanted to watch for quite some time now.



If you still do not wish to spend time alone and do not have friends, you can still find a date. Of course without any strings attached. You get together with a person of the opposite sex and have a good time.



Finally, you can say goodbye to the present year even before 12 in the night. You can pull down the drapes and call it a day to directly wake up into a fresh year.


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