Weird Traditions of India That Will Leave You Shocked

Weird traditions of India

Weird traditions of India – India is the most diverse country in the world, people from various race, culture, ethnicity, religion etc live together here.

All of the diverse people have their diverse rituals and traditions.

But the best part about India is that despite this huge diversity people live together happily. Well! talking about the traditions, there are few things that are really weird that will leave you amazed.

So today we are going to tell you a few such weird traditions of India that you might never hear before.

Weird traditions of India –

1. Baby tossing

This traditions majorly happens in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Let us tell you that it is one of the most horrifying rituals in the country. It takes place in December. In this ritual, the father climbs the stairs of the temple holding his baby in his hands and then he handed over the baby to the men waiting on the top of the temple and few men remain on the other side holding a blanket. The men from the top tosses the baby towards the blanket and the people holding the blanket give it to the mother. In this process, the baby must not be more than 2 years old. It is believed that this ritual helps the baby to become stronger.

Weird traditions of India

2.  Baby dunked in boiling water

This is surely the most inhumane ritual ever. This is majorly performed in the Baijalpur District of Karnataka. They dunk three-month-old baby in hot boiling water however they life the baby immediately but it causes severe burns on the body of a little child. It is believed that by performing the ritual the thank the deities to bless them with a kid. This tradition really sounds very stupid, how can you impress God by harming your own child?

Weird traditions of India

3.  Knowing the gender

In Khukra village of Jharkhand, there is a unique tradition of identifying the gender of a child born in mother’s womb, which has been practiced for the last 400 years. From the shape of the moon on the mountain, they find out the gender of the fetus!

There is a mountain in the village on which the shape of a moon is called “Chand mountain”. Pregnant women of the village throw a stone from a certain distance on the shape of the moon. If the stone lying in the hands of the pregnant woman is within the moon, means a boy will be born and if it gets out of the moon it means it’s a girl. The villagers here have incredible faith in this tradition.

Weird traditions of India

4.  Death of Kinnars (transgenders)

Life of transgender is already tough and it doesn’t get easy even after the death. No matter at what time a transgender dies but they are not allowed do the funeral at daytime. It is again an inhumane practice that takes place in India. Transgender have been fighting for their rights since long. And the weirdest thing that the transgender themselves beats the dead body and remain starved for seven days.

Weird traditions of India

So these were some of the Weird traditions of India that are still a part of our culture.

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