Is Cameron Diaz Dating Drew Barrymore?

Rumors doing the round that Cameron Diaz had sexual relations with her co-star and buddy Drew Barrymore. She has however denied it and spoken about her bi-sexuality but not with Drew.

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore as a couple? Whoa!!

We had our eyes popped out of the sockets after reading about this so-called piece of news.

However, calm prevailed when Cameron clarified that all these are just rumors and mere speculations.

This must have come as a relief to their individual fans, but for some of those naughty kinds, it is heart-breaking news! Come on, the thought of these two gorgeous women as a couple can give rise to so many wild fantasies, isn’t it?

Okay, come back to reality now!

What actually happened is that Cameron is busy these days promoting her next comedy movie, Sex Tape with Jason Segel. The movie has her and Jason playing a couple who decide to experiment a bit with their bedroom life by recording their love-making. But all hell breaks lose when that video is leaked online! While talking about the movie, Cameron has been trying to create awareness that with the advancement of technology, people should be more careful about their private lives.

A sensible thing, we must say!

However, as it happens while film promotions, spicy interviews and statements are given to create some hype. During one such interview she candidly accepted to a tabloid that she has had sexual relations with various women in the past as part of her experimentation. This lead people to gossip if she had sex with Drew or not! After all, both these sexy actresses bonded well while filming the Charlie’s Angels series and were considered very good friends!

People wondered if all that camaraderie and on-screen chemistry was the result of some behind the scene action or shall we say, between-the-sheets action! Sadly, Cameron cleared all doubts with her statement that, ‘People will always speculate. People like scandal. They like to put a label on something that they don’t understand, it makes them feel comfortable. Everybody tries things and sees things and checks them out, and either walks away or walks further in’.

She further added, such rumors make her want to vomit in her mouth and that having sex with Barrymore would be like having sex with her own sister’. Hmmm!

Well, this is kind of a dampener, but it does show the naughty and bold side of Cameron! Publicly admitting that she does like women is gutsy.

In that case, the next question to her is, if not Drew, then who all she has slept with? Who knows, the answer to this can lead to an interesting flick or some best-selling non-fiction novel! Scandal sells like hot-cake, right?

Let’s hope that Cameron soon decides to spill beans on her other ‘affairs’ to titillate her fans.

We are waiting darling, bring it on!

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