Hand in Gloves: Congress, AAP and Manishankar Aiyar’s big hint

AAP fielding maximum candidates in maximum states is just a step towards Congress realizing its dream.

The Aam Aadmi Party is like Big Boss of Indian politics. It has all the elements of reality TV show – hidden plot, definitive agenda, chatterbox netas, outstanding media advertisement, and public voting system for everything.

Till now, they have been committed to host Salman Khan’s famous dialogue: I definitely do what I don’t speak (about). However, this comes with a twist. They do exact opposite of what they keep saying.

First, during their Anna Hazare-Arvind Kejriwal friendship days and anti-corruption movement days, they kept denying entering politics saying that the term itself is ‘dirty’. But two years and voila! Kejriwal defected and Aam Aadmi Party took birth.

Next was that AAP will not form a government in Delhi. But when BJP surrendered they started exploring the option. After that, they did not even think twice before taking the support from Congress – the party which was ‘most corrupt’ and ‘evil’. Albeit, AAP tried to put that on the public of Delhi by forcing a referendum on them despite the fact that Kejriwal had even swore on his children’s life that he will not take support from Congress.

AAP did not even consider taking BJP as an ally and framed the sole referendum question asking the public to tell them via SMS, call or social media, whether it wanted an AAP government with Congress. There was no choice for the public – the same public that gave BJP a clear mandate.

Just after they won elections in Delhi, the reports of AAP forming state committees started streaming in. The party said that it wanted to contest assembly elections in various states. When Tehelka magazine interviewed party leaders in Uttar Pradesh, they said they will confine themselves to NCR because they were not sure on running for general elections.

Within hours, when AAP celebrated its victory, the hints of AAP contesting general elections started dropping from everywhere. It became clear after the party held its two days national executive meeting and announced on expected lines that it will contest the maximum seats in various states.

AAP’s mouthpiece (yes, he speaks too much) Kumar Vishwas immediately challenged Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and BJP prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to contest from Amethi – Rahul’s home turf – against him.

Till then, Kejriwal had formed government by Congress’ support in Delhi. However, they kept repeating that they have not taken any support from any party (seriously?) which stopped after AAP won trust vote in Delhi assembly on January 2 with Congress leader Arvinder Singh Lovely’s declaration that his party will keep extending support to AAP.

As AAP is in the process of announcing its general election strategy, as to how many candidates will be in the foray on how many seats and in how many states, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar gave an interview to news channel CNN-IBN. Spekaing to the channel, Aiyar dropped a big hint that Congress planned to extend its support to AAP in general elections too.

As per the channel, Aiyar said he doesn’t really care who “does the job” (of stopping Modi), so long as the job is done effectively. “The Congress will take the bulk of the burden, but we welcome any assistance from other parties in stopping this Hitler from coming to power,” Aiyar said, after first saying “I hope, I pray” that the AAP stops the BJP and Modi.

It is a well-known fact that the Congress party and its leaders have been in the awe of Modi and consider him the biggest threat to the party. Over the period of time, the Congress has proved its fears by various means. What can be a biggest proof than the prime minister Manmohan Singh, who is (or was) considered a clean-image politician, indulging in name calling just to undermine Modi?

It was Modi’s magic that the Congress party reduced to minimum in all the assembly elections.

Congress knows that the people are dead against the party. And it will be nearly impossible for it to pull the right figures up to form the government after general elections or any other state election for that matter. And that’s why it is trying to cut the vote share of BJP by supporting AAP and repeat what happened in Delhi.

AAP fielding maximum candidates in maximum states is just a step towards Congress realizing its dream. And given the fact that Kejriwal declared not contesting general elections…well…he will, eventually.

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