Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Commits Suicide And FANS Around The World Are Deeply Saddened By His Death!

Chester Bennington Commits Suicide

Chester Bennington Commits Suicide – Sadly, Linkin Park’s vocalist Chester Bennington took his own life by committing suicide. He was only 41 years old and his death is REALLY-REALLY shocking to all the people around the world.

It is been reported, that he hanged himself and his body was found at a private home at 9:00, on Thursday. The singer is said to have struggled for years with drug and alcohol abuse. This is very –very heartbreaking and people around the world are deeply saddened by the news.

In May, Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell took his own life and this really broke Chester Bennington’s heart as he was very close to him. He was so heartbroken, that Chester wrote a letter to Chris Cornell on the latter’s death saying “You have inspired me in ways you could never have known…I can’t imagine a world without you”.

It was really a tough time for Chester Bennington.

Celebrities and Chester’s fans all around the world are expressing their thoughts, and it’s seriously very HEARTBREAKING.

Most importantly the FANS who loved him so much are sad, and they can’t believe that he is gone. Seriously, we see artist performing on stage, and they make sure that we’re having a good time, but deep down, what’s happening in their personal life is so mysterious. Many believe that Chester was very depressed and maybe that made him commit suicide.


So many of us grew up listening to Linkin Park, and it’s certainly so heartbreaking to know something like this. Honestly, no man can ever replace CHESTER BENNINGTON.

“I tried so hard

And got so far

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

I had to fall

To lose it all

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter”

You will always be remembered, and never forgotten.

The singer is now survived by his wife of 12 years and six children.

Chester Bennington Commits Suicide – Where are you Linkin Park fans? 

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