This Is Exactly What You Must Eat Before And After Your Workout


“Fit is not a destination but it is a way of life”.

As the saying goes, the way of life should include proper nutritional diet as well. And these wisdom words by Arnold Schwarzenegger will definitely built up the enthusiasm in you to hit the gym. But, not just words; the right kind of food “before and after” workout is one more fact that will strengthen you. Agree?

Every person who hits the gym for workout absolutely needs an appropriate food to feed their body. Yes, and therefore the right kind of food and its consumption timings helps you shape your body into a more better-look.

Here’s the best guide that will help you understand which foods to eat before and after your workout.

A) Pre-workout meal

1. Whole wheat toast + Peanut butter + Banana

This meal is one of the best meals to start off your pre-morning workout. The best thing about this food prep is that you won’t feel heavy after eating it. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and slice of bananas will give you energy and are easy for digestion as well. Bananas are extremely healthy and contain essential nutrients too.

2. Glass of Milk

Milk is one of the healthy drinks that we must incorporate in our diet. There are many health benefits like it helps in developing bones and boosts your immune system among others. Before workout this is one good option for bone growth and development.


3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal with fresh fruits is like a perfect food you can add as it helps in reduction of blood pressure. It provides high level of proteins plus it is tasty. You can mix it up like this :-


4. Berries

Yes, berries are very good as it brings many beneficial factors e.g. maintaining brain function and preventing from heart related disease. Berries are excellent foodstuff plus absolutely useful and best as a pre-morning workout meal.


B) Post-workout meal

One must eat within an hour after their workout.

1. Yogurt + Fruit

To fuel your body with proper nutrition; you must eat yogurt and fruit (e.g. Banana) as mentioned it gives you energy. Yogurt is important because it helps to built up the muscles properly.


2. Vegetables

You can include veggies in your post workout meal. The green leafy vegetables will help a lot in muscle recovery. Therefore, the vegetables cooked in olive oil will help the most to maintain your body. Green leafy veggies will help you benefit your bones.


3. Chocolate milk

No doubt, chocolate milk will be delicious. Yes, but better mix it up with protein powder and then enjoy drinking it. It is one of the most preferred post-workout drinks and you can include in your diet too.


4. Dried fruits and Nuts

With all the above mentioned post-workout meals; you can add some of the dried fruits as well. Mix of different dried fruits and nuts contains vitamins and minerals and therefore it boost the energy level high.

Must Eat Before And After Your Workout

Do you too have these foods eat before and after your workout ? Let us know in comments below.

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