Charlize Theron And Sean Penn: Unusual Love Birds Planning To Get Married!

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron’s love affair and their decision to get married. Two people who were friends for almost 18 years, get into an affair and after 8 months, decide to get marry.

There is a profound saying, “Love is blind”!

It sees no age, no colour, no caste.

This has been proven yet again!

Love between top Hollywood actress, 38yrs old Charlize Theron and two-times Academy Award winner, 53yrs old Sean Penn has blossomed and like how! They are so much in love that they have finally decided to take the next leap and get married.

Isn’t it awesome?

Both being grand celebs in their own right, have known each other for 18years and have been great friends. In fact Charlize had an affair going on for 9 long years but broke off with her former beau Stuart Townsend, in 2010! Can you beat it? 9 years is a pretty long time! But being a mature woman that she is, she didn’t let herself fall apart. She gathered herself and moved on with life. She adopted a baby boy, Jackson who just turned two. Thus, in a way she got busy with her work and motherhood. She wasn’t looking for love actually. But love found its way in her life, silently, just when it had to!

Sean, who was once married to Madonna way back in 80s, also didn’t expect such sparks to fly between them. He was just working with Charlize in a movie called, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and soon felt his heart beating a different beat. During the shoot of the movie, he was just enjoying a friend’s company, spending time with her son, when suddenly he found himself deeply, passionately in love with his 18 years old friend!

How sweet is that?


Both have just started promoting their next movie together when Charlize revealed the good news. She even said, “It was nice to be single and now it’s nice to be not single!” Such simple words to express deeply-felt happiness, this truly shows that love does wonders to people in so many ways.

This may not sound like some glamourous, wild, crazy, love we normally expect from big-bang Hollywood celebs. From the looks of it, it sounds more of a sensible, mature, deep and caring love, the love which we all seem to crave for, that we all seek in our lives. Both can turn out to be real inspirations for people who believe in taking one-step at a time as far as love goes, for those who believe in love for its actual meaning, for those who believe in love, for love!!

Now that they have decided, let us hope their marriage becomes one grand affair! Something that not only both of them as a couple, but as their fans, we would also cherish and look forward to.

Here’s sending them heaps of good wishes for their life ahead!

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