Windows Phone is Losing Hold on The Market Gradually and Here Are The Reasons

Windows Phone

All this while it was limping along but the Windows Phone market is considerably dead now and this is an open secret.

It all happened in last July when the company has publicly admitted that they lost the market to the other state-of-the-art counterparts. The fact concretised when we heard it from the horse’s mouth, Windows lead developer Joe Belfiore laid out the reasons why OS must have died a slow death. He took to Twitter to announce this.

While meeting the queries of users, Belfiore replied that Microsoft will keep on bringing bug fixes and security updates to Windows Phone but there are no chances of introducing new features anytime soon.

Here are the key reasons why Windows Phone has to stop his journey here:

  • The users cross questioned Belfiore about why the Windows platform lacks the prominent third party developer base of both Android and OS, Belfiore came a clean breast about how the company left no stone unturned from paying to the developers money to build apps for Windows phones, to writing the code for them. However, the fundamental reason of the major knockdown is on one wanted to invest citing a declining life expectancy of Windows Phone market.
  • This pretty sums up why the phone is dead. Nokia Lumia line was a great range of devices but not as high-end. It was still pocket friendly and enjoyed a good userase. To tell you, Windows phone itself was a great OS which has great interoperability with your PC, an eloquent UI which went soft on the eyes too.
  • The sole reason for the failure however was that no one wanted to shift from Android or iOS which they were more familiar with. Obviously, the market response left the investors uninterested too who didn’t want to develop a separate version of their app compatible with the Windows. As a result, windows failed to offer enough apps to the users and hence this tragic downfall occurred.

It may be a shame for the company but that’s how the market rolls. With Windows phones shutting down, Microsoft can channel all their money and energy in Xbox arm.

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