Priyanka’s Love For Shahid Is Making Her Do Strange Things! Are They Trying To Get Back Together?

We talk about Priyanka Chopra’s much talked about ‘˜bald’ look in Mary Kom. Recently Shahid Kapoor also went bald for Haider. Former lovers still following each other?

Love makes people do weird things.

Even after a break-up, it leaves an impression on a couple and changes them forever. In some cases one partner is more influenced by the other’s thought process.

Here even though Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra broke off their un-official relationship sometime back, it clearly seems that Priyanka was definitely influenced a lot by Shahid!

We are talking about her career choices and the kind of risks she is taking in her professional life.

It is about Priyanka’s upcoming biopic Mary Kom in which she is sporting a bald look.

Now, even Shahid let go of his admirable tresses to go bald for his upcoming movie Haider! Ok, Priyanka didn’t go bald and just used a wig to give that look as it was required for only a scene, but still it is a big move for a mainstream commercial actress.

So how did this happen?

Shahid is recently in news for doing off-beat projects so that he experiments with his characters and try out different looks.

Priyanka is also not behind.

If Shahid has Kaminey, Mausam kind of movies in his kitty, PC’s Barfi, Saat Khoon Maaf and What’s Your Rashee stand out for experimental roles. Quite similar career graphs, isn’t it?

Well, it does happen that people in love genuinely leave an impact on their partners. They affect each other’s thought process; bring depth to a person’s thinking, lead to a mature approach. Given these parameters, it is obvious that PC’s maturity in her role-selection or her desire to go the extra mile has a lot to do with her love for Shahid!

Girls now don’t get too jealous; they are no longer a couple so ‘your’ Shahid is safe, ok? He he

On a serious note, this is precisely the point- why the hell they are not together anymore?

Well, only they know it better! In fact, they should try to get back together as they both are single, good looking and can always work together as a package. What better than having two good actors who are lovers in real life, share screen as a reel-life couple and do different kinds of experiments with their looks and characters!

For now, it seems a distant possibility. At the moment, both are in dire need of a super-duper hit to take their careers to a new high. As Shahid needs to establish himself as a solo hero worth the bucks spent on him, Priyanka needs to prove that she can carry a film on her shoulders which, if at all it happens, will be a rare moment in Bollywood’s male dominated world!

Good luck to both of them!

Let’s see what will be their new experimental role and may be next time it might be Shahid getting inspired by PC!

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