Oops! 7 Biggest Wardrobe Malfunctions Of Bollywood Actresses


Wardrobe malfunctions are dangerous!

It can happen anytime and anywhere if your ensemble is not properly crafted. And sometimes these malfunctions happen by our silly mistakes as well.

Bollywood celebs must take care as paparazzi goes crazy and capture peek a boo moments.Its better to have a check, re check and have cue about your dress firstly.Wear and check for all the possible loop holes and be assured there’s nothing wrong.

Of course Bollywood celebs do take care of their dress but some times unfortunately it happens.

Here are 7 oops moments when our Bollywood hotties revealed more than they wanted to.

  1. Akshara Hasan

This newbie of Bollywood wore a too-much-fit black little dress during the promotions of ‘Shamitabh’. She sat on chair and forgot to cross her legs and shutterbugs captured the image that revealed a lot.


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