These Beautiful Women With Scars Are A Proof That No Matter What Women Are The Mesmerizing!

beautiful women with scars

Beautiful women with scars – Scars are one of the best things that can ever happen to someone.

Scars are not just marks; they are a complete story which clearly hints on the fact that the person has been strong at one of the point of their lives. Scars are something people often fee complexed about or insecure in other terms. In reality they do make people strong, bold and confident provided one should understand their importance. No matter if they are self-made or accidental; scars become a part of your body that goes till the grave. Women are mostly judged as ‘not so beautiful’ if they have scars but these 5 women are a clear proof that scars have nothing to do with your success or likability.

Here are these beautiful women with scars who flaunt their scars like a boss.

Beautiful women with scars –

  1. Princess Diana: Lady Diana, one of the most beautiful women in the history of the world had a light scar on the left side of her face. She was fond of collecting pigeon eggs and once while doing that she was attacked by a pigeon which left a scar on her face. She also used to self-harm by cutting her thighs and stomach because of depression. Did it ever make any difference to how beautiful she was? NO.

beautiful women with scars

  1. Kaley Cuoco: The famous actress from the ‘Big Bang Theory’ has a big scar on her left foot but that doesn’t stop her from wearing one of the most unique, expensive, high and stylish heels. While doing horse riding her horse suddenly spooked and landed directly on her leg. The doctors though that the foot has to be amputated but the surgery sorted it out in 2010.

 beautiful women with scars

  1. Tina Fey: One of the most known faces of the Hollywood industry Tina Fey has a visible scar on her face near her chin and the only fault that she made was, becoming famous. A mad fan of hers slashed a knife across her face making a permanent scar on her face. The point-in here is, what difference did it make? Nothing at all.

beautiful women with scars

  1. Padma Lakshmi: Model and actress Padma Lakshmi has a long scar on her right arm that happened to her when her car met with an accident in California which also fractured her hip bone. She flaunts her scar like a boss which has now become her personality symbol. Isn’t this one of the greatest things ever? Well, I believe so.

beautiful women with scars

  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones: Who doesn’t know Catherine Zeta-Jones? Everyone does. She has a scar in the middle of her throat which happened to her because of a virus that stopped her from breathing. The doctors had no option than to perform tracheotomy surgery on her. This left a mark on her throat. Who cares? No one, because she fought a battle with life and emerged as a clear winner. We are so proud of her.

beautiful women with scars

These are beautiful women with scars – There are a lot of such example that exist the face of earth which will definitely make you feel that how special can scars make you feel. Scars are nothing that can pull you down, it’s just about how YOU feel about them.

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